"Your friends will turn on you, seeing you for the queer you will become!"

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About Toplimshadey

Heyo! TOP here! Or you can just stick to the full name! Also, known on the internet sometimes as EmperorTakashi.

I'm a ambitous VA and artist, and going to school for animation! Plus, If you're looking for someone with various types of ranges, I'm definitely someone to reach out too! I absolutely love and enjoy working on indie/small projects and things people want to bring to life! If ya ever need some help for a project or anything, don't hesitate to ask me! A lot of the time, I just do it for fun, nothing needed!

For ten years now, I have messed around with both art and voice work. Dabbling in audio tech for the last five years as well! Voice work I'm completly self taught in and honestly, it's an absolute blast. Art being about the same, but I just recently decided to pursue it in college as well. the great Grunkle Stan always says!

PFP of my OC:

"Sometimes, a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life."


Always up for a neat ass project! Paid or Unpaid, doesn't matter much to me!

What Toplimshadey is looking for

Literally Anything!