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Audreyivy's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Parable Project: A Narrative RPG

    The Parable Project {Name Tentative} is an experimental narrative RPG that pulls influence from many of the greatest RPGs throughout history and adds new elements and mechanics onto them to create an game intended to call forth a new experience that blends new and old.

    'Back in the beginning when mortal life was but a glint of thought, there existed the Great Creator Panobar; his very being filled with life. It is said that our world, Firnuvos was created when Panobar found a tear in the fabric of the universe and repaired it with a scale pulled from his back. To seal the suture, Panobar breathed a mighty flame onto the scale that forged it into the great stone we live on. The inherit life from the scale birthed the plant life across our landscape, and seeing his creation begin to grow, Panobar carved the canyons with his claws and pulled forth the mountains. With a great breath of life, Panobar called forth from the earth the many beings that would populate this world. His work done, Panobar disappeared deep into the universe to bring life to a new place, but the remnants of where he vanished dusted the plains of Firnuvos, granting us the mysterious and powerful element of magic.'

    Features include

    * Eight Playable Party Members with Two Additional Unlockables

    * A Complex Spanning Plot consisting of Twelve Chapters, (14 including the Prologue and Epilogue)

    * An entire world created from scratch with species, history, politics, countries, and languages

    * An anachronistic time period where modern technology powered by magic mingles with medieval mindsets

    * References to mythology and cryptozoology from cultures across the entire world

    * A Unique battle system that blends Random Encounters, Arcade Beat'em Ups, Traditional Leveling, and a unique strategy of switching party members mid-battle.

    *A Vibrant Cast of Characters who interact in a Visual Novel style that displays their full portraits

    Above all, the Parable Project has been a labor of love through all of it's staff. Not one person has been paid at all for the time they've put into the project, and as a VA on the project, you will share this. We are a start-up company and we do not have the funds to pay anyone until after our projects are complete. If the game is released and successful, there will be compensation given to the VAs who worked on the project, but we do not operate anticipating success. We make our games for the enjoyment of making them and seeing people enjoy them, so be prepared for no compensation at all, but remain optimistic for success.

    Potential VAs should...

    * Possess a decent quality microphone. We're not looking for crystal clear sound as this is potentially unpaid, but we would like you not to have any obvious problems with your recordings such as buzzing noises, excessive pops and feedback, or ambience.

    * Be willing to take direction, and have an active role in developing the character they are voicing. We at Modus Operandi Productions like to encourage everyone to participate in the creative process of a game's development. We want to hear your ideas.

    * Follow the deadlines we set. We have a LONG production schedule so we will likely give you massive amounts of time to get recordings done. Given this, we would like those deadlines met.

    * Embody the small parts of direction mentioned for characters, but be comfortable improvising new things for their voices. We will be looking particularly at actors who get creative with their speaking.

    CLEARING UPDATE - THURS. Apr. 21st 9:33am PST

    All Individuals have responded to callbacks, and so our callback list has been removed. Thank you everyone.

    About the Creator: audreyivy

    Artistic Director for Modus Operandi Productions. In charge for the sensation-based elements of all of our games from the artwork, to the soundtrack, to the voices.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold