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My name is Caitlin Buckley; I'm a 30-year-old female voice actor living in the Pacific Northwest (with that accent, which tends to be pretty generic North American). I voice act and I sing, and while I'm most interested in voice acting in games and mods, I will act in pretty much any medium.

I have a blog with completed projects, and more info about me:

The Voice of Caitlin Buckley

Or you can also check out my IMDB page:

Caitlin Buckley

  • @complete-the-circuit

    Excellent voice actress. A pleasure to work with.

  • @munkyspunk

    Caitlin was able to deliver precisely the authoritative, no nonsense voice I needed for her role of The Sheriff, and breathed life into a character.

    Audio was delivered -very- quickly and was of high quality, requiring no processing beyond normalizing it to video game levels.

    Note link to project is not active at time of posting this. It will be in a few weeks.