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About hedonisticactor

I'm Matti Mali, also known as HedonisticActor, a 32-year old artist from Finland who has studied acting, writing and directing practically through my whole life. I've worked 15 years for a local amateur theater and appeared as an extra in couple of Finnish movies and TV shows and in recent years I've become interested on voice acting, most of the early experience gotten from blog/video site Manic Expression's podcast plays (for example Futility where I play the lead). Some of my notable works include video game Almost a Hero as Kind Lenny, Star Citizen machinia Combined Arms as Captain Kenny, video game Aquacreep as Shawn and video game Infinite Adventures as Sorcerer Modari and Agamon the Prideful.

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Matti Mali Demo Reel

Presentation of various voice types I'm able to do.