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    About Team Buddy Returns (Pokemon/Nintendo Youtube Video) (Even more new roles!)

    (I'll try to have an "explainer video" up within the next month to give you a better idea of the videos format/structure. For right now imagine it almost like a faux "Visual Novel", but with a narrator that brings the viewer from scene to scene.)

    ~Project Details~

    This is a sequel to a video I made a year ago titled "If I Had A Pokemon Evil Team". The basic premise of the video was that I created my own Pokemon Evil Team and throughout the video I told the story of what nefarious deeds they did, fleshed out the characters and admins that participated in said evil schemes, and overall the video was kind of like describing a mock-Pokemon game, without actually playing one.

    In this video I wanted to up the ante a little bit and actually hire Voice Actors to record some lines of dialogue for the many characters that appear. There will be a mix of my own original characters alongside official Pokemon characters (+ some general Nintendo Characters as well which I'll try to explain in the story section), so I think there will be a wide variety of roles to help make the world of "Team Buddy Returns" feel very big and full. For some of the characters I'm looking for voices that sound very close to ones that official voice actors in games have done (I'll have a "voice match" tag and reference for those), but overall I'm trying to make this project pretty big and loose, so when auditioning don't feel too much pressure!

    One final note is that all the parts pay a minimum of 10$, but many of them will be worth much more than that. Due to me still finalizing the script and whatnot, I can't accurately judge how many lines a lot of these characters will have, and I don't want to unintentionally mislead anyone with the payment amount, so think of the "10$" as a placeholder for many of them.

    ~General Story Overview~

    (I'll detail more specifics in the character audition section)

    In my first "Evil Team Video", I created the sinister "Team Buddy". They were very heavily inspired by the 1950s, especially the more stepford-y/overly happy nature that we commonly see in modern media, and they occupied the Pokemon World's Unova region. Their goal was pretty simple: they wanted to brainwash/hypnotize/mind-control everyone into being as horrifyingly happy as they are, and create a world where everybody was friends. As is always the case in these types of stories, Team Buddy was defeated and the happily sinister organization was disbanded.

    This sequel video takes place 1 and a half years after the events of the first Team Buddy Video. In it, the "player" (basically the viewer of the video) has just moved to the tropical Alola Region, and find that many people have become overly happy, to the point of almost being creepy. As the player goes on their journey they see more strange things like this, and it's eventually revealed that Team Buddy has reformed and moved to the tropical Alolan Islands to no doubt cause more pleasant crimes. Can the player stop them? Why, I certainly hope so!


    -If you are auditioning for a character please have good microphone quality. Minimal to no background noise, no pops, no whistles, no puffs. Noise removal is alright, but just make sure its not overproduced because i want to hear your pure, unfiltered voice!

    -Auditions will be evaluated and judged between myself and a small panel of people who are working on the animatic. Unfortunately, because of time, I won't be able to offer much critique on many of the auditions. (I'll try to when I can though!)

    -You can audition for more than one role, but please don't submit multiple auditions for the same role.

    -You don't have to be a huge Pokemon fan for this project, but if you are (or at least kind of know what it is) then that will definitely help.

    -Try to really get into your character and emote/express as best as you can! This series will be going to some crazy places and the voices are what will be selling people on it the most!

    -Have fun and don't stress too much! I know I'm making this seem really serious, but this is a fan animatic for fun, so please don't get nervous and audition as best as you can!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold