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[ update : oct 1, 2021 ]

hi, there! thanks for visiting my profile. i no longer check CCC regularly.
the best way to contact me is through my website / email [ contact me! ].

thanks so much!
- isabelle

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hi, I'm isabelle: filipino-thai voice actress, singer,
artist, and schnauzer enthusiast based in chicago, IL, USA.

it's wonderful to meet you!

  • @leth

    Not only is Shoichi one of the friendliest people you’ll meet in the voice acting community, she also does a very impressive job with her voice work; it usually gives me a stupid little grin and amazes me time and time again. While she may be busy at times, she makes sure to let you know and you can count on her to follow through. What more can I say? Check her out!

  • @plotlineplus

    One of the most legitimately talented and selfless individuals I've ever met. I'm a sarcastic guy, but I'll cut the jokes when I say I truely believe that Isabelle is one of the best VAs I know. She's pretty much the only reason half of my projects have even gotten finished.
    I know it's tricky looking for that perfect balance of talent, passion and humility. But Isabelle has got the gift. Seriously, hire her.

  • @alejo-patten

    Best way to describe Isabelle: one fo the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious people I have ever met! Not only is her vocal range incredibly diverse but most importantly the positive vibes and excitement about being a part of a project she brings to the table is fantastic! Even though she had a few small parts in Figment 2, she made sure every one of them distinguished from each other. Definitely one of the best voice over talents working today! I’m only gonna say this once, but......DISNEY!!! GIVE THIS WOMAN A CHARACTER TO VOICE!

  • @sir-kingpin-monroe

    Isabelle is one of the kindest VA's I've met! I've always been a fan of her work on Hades' Misguidance and Palutena's Guidance as Viridi. I was in the middle of producing Chapter 3's Dub of my fan manga series, Super Smash Bros. Warriors and I was looking for a voice actress for Cynthia (Pokémon series). Isabelle was the first that came to mind, so I asked her if she would be interested in auditioning/voicing the character and she said yes! I was so happy. She is an extremely talented VA and I'd love to work on more projects together. ^^