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  • @rukasamuels

    Dr.Bonehead was fun to work with and provided great, clean voice-over work for the project we were in together. He's got a great range, perfect for animes, or comic dubs. I totally recommend him.

  • @ves_official

    One of the best voice actors out there. I can't believe he didn't charge me for voicing that one character in that one film I made. I feel extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to have him in my team. I absolutely adore his performance (and the bloopers that come with it!)

  • @aspiringsinger15

    Seriously an incredible guy to work with! He works very well with the director and does his best to make sure everything sounds the way the director wants it in order for the project to be great! Voice work is also perfect. Would definitely work with him again!

  • @gloomsly

    Ok, so, where can I even start, this man is one of the greatest VA's i have ever met on this site, and they are very dedicated to their talents, they practice everyday, and they even get involved with the rest of the community, Helping others when they need it, giving great advice , as well as their own experiences with voice acting, they have amazing Breath control as well as inspiring emotional acting, they really know their stuff, but on top of it all, they are one of the most optimistic, and easy going VA's i have ever encountered. It would be my esteemed pleasure, to recommend this amazing Human for any project you might need, they can do it, and if you do, i am sure your project will be one step closer to fine success. Thanks so much for being around Bonehead

  • @black-plasma-studios

    Completed his voice work very quickly and with amazing quality. Very expressive actor who was a pleasure to listen to and excelled at the character he played. Definitely recommend!

  • @the-sky-is-ablessing-in-disguise

    An amazing actor and person, he is always up for anything and honestly he never ceases to amaze me with his talent. Whether auditioning or helping someone with their project he is always successful and kind. Truly a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing him progress. Don't miss out on one of the best out there!

  • @joenator

    Dr. Bonehead (Joe), is a great leader. I joined the VA101 class and he was very nice and was helpful in teaching the class how to say certain words.

  • @patrick-mealey

    Joe is probably one of the biggest people I admire in the online community. From the work I've seen him do, he's definitely a dedicated and talented actor. I've worked alongside him in a couple things and his passion shines through with every performance. I also admire the work he does to help out a lot of newcomers VA's by being the head of education here on CCC. I really hope to work alongside him more often cause he's a great guy!

  • @animatedartisan

    I have nothing but praise for him and his work. He's very punctual, thorough, understanding, skilled, and overall just a really kind and positive person. He's very determined to provide the best voice work he can and it really shows. If you're looking for a voice artist that'll meet deadlines, provide phenomenal work, and put a smile on your face then I would strongly recommend working with him. 10/10 would work with again and again and again! You can quote me on that ;)

  • @michaelgonzalezvo

    I took a masterclass with Joe as our professor, and I found him to be a professional, reliable teacher and contact, as well as an incredible vocal talent as proven by his work and dedication. I cannot recommend Joe enough for any upcoming professional projects!