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About GingerSue

     My name is Ginger and I am originally from Houston, TX. In college I was a lead member of the drama club: acting, directing, and writing scripts.

     After college I worked for three years in entertainment at Walt Disney World as a character performer and was trained through Disney to do several characters, each with a unique and distinct voice or accent.  I was trained as 4 different speaking characters and dozens of non-speaking characters.  I performed in several parades and large scale stage shows in the parks in Orlando.

    I received an amazing voice over education through Edge studio in New York.   I was paired with a talented private coachs  Carol Monda and Kara Edwards. I have also attended workshops with Real Voice LA, Extra Terrible ADR training, and Strawberry Hills Studio. Check out my website!

   I have a bubbly personality and acting comes second nature to me.  I am a hard worker and take direction well.  Let's create a work of art together!


I usually ask for $0.25 per word, but I understand indie budgets and can usually find a way to work within your budget!

  • @avaltah

    GingerSue is a friendly, talented individual who clearly loves what they're doing. Working with Ginger on a project today, the first thing I noticed was the amazing welcoming atmosphere created by them, not to mention their huge range of vocal ability shown within the session!