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About Paul Warren

Paul Warren is a Scottish, Baritone-Tenor voice actor based in Edinburgh. After developing a love for acting through youth and community theatre in productions at St Andrews' Byre Theatre, he took up online voice acting as a way to keep in practise once he'd left his hometown. After developing a knack for accents through losing and regaining his own during some childhood years spent in the U.S, it seemed like a waste not to.

Over the years, he has voiced a myriad of roles in games, podcasts, animations and audio books, be it audiobook narration for in60Learning, speaking a fake language for Twirlbound's video game Pine, or rasping through a viral trailer for the Fallout: Miami mod project.




I generally go by this price list, but am open to negotiation:

  • @Tom Tesoro

    Worked on my project. Provided excellent voice work in a timely manor. Highly recommended.

  • @tintenseher

    A strong voice, fast worker, and friendly and professional.

  • @complete-the-circuit

    Excellent voice actor with a wide range. Hard working, prompt, and a positive influence on any team I've worked wth him on.

  • @lelcat

    Very professional. Gets the lines right on the first take almost every time.

  • @jpcorwyn

    An absolute breath of fresh air; I've rarely directed someone who flowed so effortlessly into his role, it's tone, cadence, or overall patois. Not only were we able to fly through his two sessions, and 130+ lines, but the entire process was laced with an infectious sense of energy and enthusiasm.

    I highly recommend him for your next project ...unless I need him. Then you're gonna have to fight me for him.

  • @otellino

    nevernotninja provided the voices of some of the Enclave Officers in my Fallout 4 Modification, and to say he did a great job would be a monumental understatement.
    He captured the attitude of the characters perfectly, with an amazing delivery on each and every line. He was also very easy to reach and work with, and could not recommend him highly enough. Would love to work with him again in th efuture!

  • @irusu

    Nevernotninja gave a perfect performance as Salterion in my project The Unusual Party a World of Warcraft Audioplay. He nailed his characters personality and accent. He's very quick with his lines, has great audio quality, and was easy to reach. I would love to work with him again!

  • @yossarian22

    He is a great guy and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. It was a pleasure to work with him and would do so again without hesitation.

  • @oracus0

    His performances are simply brilliant! What more need be said?

  • @flatlight-productions

    Brilliant guy to work with. Very friendly work enviroment between the voice actor and a director, not to mention he sends his lines faster than the speed of light, and that he does his lines perfectly on the first attempt. Hoping to work with him in the future!

  • @nika_cola

    The difficulty of writing a truly menacing character pales in comparison to finding an actor capable of pulling it off.

    Nevernotninja is that actor. Not only did he work quickly and professionally, he demonstrated a thorough understanding of his craft by discussing the role with me and quickly sending over revisions (when I was inspired to tweak the role based around his incredible performance).

    No one else could have been my "Alek". For that, nevernotninja has both my thanks, and my attention for many future roles to come.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    When nevernotninja auditioned for my modding project, I was in the business for deep voiced actors to offset the multitude of higher pitched VAs I had on staff and he performed stunningly! From a soldier in the heat of combat to a bespoken hunter of mutated snapping turtles, nevernotninja has continuously and diligently provided excellence with the characters provided without failure and pause. I can safely say that nevernotninja is indeed, as jpcorwyn put it, a breath of fresh air and a welcome to any project or team willing to take him on.

    I look forward to continued cooperation with nevernotninja!

  • @sette

    I've worked with him a couple of years ago on my biggest Skyrim mod project called Immersive World Encounters in which he played a role of an Imperial man with a masculine and mature impression. He is a versatile and dedicated voice actor with love for his craft, and an excellent communicator. His voice works are some of the best part of my mod, and his professionalism is something I rarely come across. I recommend him to anyone with interests projects in mind and would love to work with him again in the future!

  • @thelesserknownandy

    Prompt delivery of lines, fantastic voice work, and a professional attitude. If you're looking for a voice actor, I recommend him for your projects immensely!

  • @deleted207269

    Ninja was very quick in submitting his lines and did an excellent job in bringing his character to life with the direction provided. No issues with quality. Recommended.

  • @randyvirdenvo

    While working with Paul, he impressed me every step of the way. Great actor, easy to work with, and an incredibly convincing American accent, lol. I hope to work with him again many times in the future.

  • @meekvoice

    This chappy was recommended to me for a specific role I needed filled, and did they deliver. 

    Very concise and to the point, good audio quality and timely delivery, with superb talent to add for flavour.

    I would strongly recommend them for any project you have. 

  • @natetheg8

    Paul is an excellent voice talent. He helped me recently on a project I call: "The Rat King's Wife". He has a knack for the little nuances that bring the character to life! I whole heartedly recommend him as both a voice actor and and a narrator. He is very easy to work with and very friendly. I wish him success in the voice acting world.

  • @thevoicethatgrates

    Paul is one of the best voice actors I have ever worked with. He produces amazing works with a very fast turnaround time, and knows how to set the tone of any script he reads.

    If you're looking for a professional individual with an eye for detail and a fantastic range, Paul Warren is the man for you!