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About Tales From The Gameverse! (A very small youtube project)


Hello, all, pleasure to meet you! Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and check out this hobby casting call! This is a very small, hobby audio project for my youtube series. The project is totally non-profit and amateur, and is really all about having fun and for an opportunity for me to work on a few skills (story telling, skill sets in various adobe suites, etc). 

Link to the first video if the above player doesn't work:

The Project: Tales From The Gameverse

The project will be a set of gaming related videos, with the only visuals being recorded gameplay from various games, and random ambient background pictures. I'd like it to be the type of series that someone can pop on for a long drive, in between some repetitive tasks, or even when winding down to relax after a long day's work. 

It will include the reading of various pieces of information and lore from a wide variety of video games (taken from in-game files/books/wikis) mixed in with an overarching narrative with original characters. 

The narrative will have heavy h.p lovecraft and other sci-fi esque influences, along with a mash-up of various other genres as I try to improve my writing.

Prerequisites for VAs

Now, before we get any further I'd like to say that I am really open to almost ANY help on this. I mean it when I say I can hook up a role for almost anyone, especially with how much video game lore there is out there. I do, however, just have a few minor prerequisites if we'll be working together!

  1. 1. A willingness to help on an amateur project, and be committed to it if you're a recurring character! Loss of a role or submitting your lines to me super late (like weeks after the fact) would really put me behind! So think hard about if this project is for you!

  1. 2. A decent place to record, and a decent quality mic with little background noise on your recordings!

  1. 3. Are fine with having filters applied to your voice for the purposes of effects in the videos.

  1. 4. An E-mail or other way for me to contact you and keep in touch for video information.

  1. 5. NO FILTERS IN YOUR AUDITION!! I would like to hear your raw voice, please!

  1. 6.  A bit of patience! I will be working on 1-2 videos a week with different VAs. So if you are interested and land a part, don't sweat it if you don't get lines right away, especially if you want to be recurring. Your role may not have appeared in the plot yet!

Roles Available

 I'm reworking this section of information since it was long overdue; as the production has gone through a few creative changes as I'm becoming more invested in it!

Lore Readers: Still the simplest role in the production; with no acting require. All you need is a smooth speaking/narration voice to get the part. I'm casting these roles more slowly now, as I've switched to including more story and less lore.

Any recurring character roles that are un-named (I.E recurring character:mysterious, Anomaly of the gameverse, etc): "These are all placeholder roles, but are not necessarily unimportant. I put thought into all of my characters, even to the ones that don't appear as much. This means that the possibility is high that your character will evolve to prove instrumental to the story, instead of being a "Grunt A" (though I will still need those at some point.) depending on the quality of performance!

I ADD NEW ROLES PERIODICALLY! So feel free to check back if you don't see something that quite catches your fancy!

Communication is KEY!

PLEASE GIVE THIS SECTION A QUICK READ! As I am trying to make at least 1-2 videos a week for this series! Any recurring characters should make sure they can accommodate at least a day a week or so to be available to check their e-mails or get back to me in some way. 

If you have a very busy life with college, work, etc that will keep you from responding to any scripts or messages for a prolonged period PLEASE DON'T AUDITION! 

I don't mean to come off as venomous in anyway, I'm really easy to work with. I just need people who have the time to work with me as well if they agree to a long term role. Thanks again!

Anyone cast who doesn't reply to a message/e-mail within 4-5 days will need to be recast!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold