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About LuciferAgenda

Who the heck are you?

Hi there!
I'm Emil Hägg, alternatively EmilHaggVO, if you prefer to use fancy online handles.  And I'm a Voice Actor / Voice Over artist!
If I'm not fiddling with audio, recording lines, or playing games, I'm probably sleeping.

Year of Birth: 1998

Ethnicity: Swedish/Danish

Location: Sweden

Hobbies: Gaming, Voice Acting / Voice Over (duh) and Music!

Contact Information:

Twitter: @EmilHaggVO

(Important: I can no longer post my Email here on CCC, so DM me here or on Twitter if you need my Email!)

  • @optipersona

    Lucifer has been an absolute pleasure to work with on my project, and is very skilled at using his (quite deep) voice to bring characters to life with his stellar aptitude for acting! On top of his expertise, he also conducts himself in a professional and prompt manner, leaving communications open and completing his lines very promptly. I would definitely recommend any directors to LuciferAgenda for a hard-working and talented voice actor!

  • @aregar1

    Awesome voice, great communication, quick delivery, high-quality recordings! Highly recommended VA!

  • @shytricks

    LuciferAgenda provided phenomenal voice work for two roles in my Ryder of Akavir quest mod, So great in fact that both characters he was cast for sounded completely different from each other (One being an Argonian and the other a Nord). This can only be done by an extremely talented person. I have no doubt LuciferAgenda will be able to make a career in voice acting if he wants to.

  • @fran_3f

    He worked with us for the third chapter of Reversion. Sent in lines quickly and with high quality.
    Totally recommended.

  • @sette

    LuciferAgenda is a fantastically talented voice actor with great skills in acting, recording, and audio editing. The quality of his recordings is absolutely top notch! He also displayed his wide-ranging acting skill in his Orc Ranger role for my Skyrim Mod project. Emil, I would love to work with you again!

  • @fanficradio

    Emil is a phenomenal voice actor. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he's a wonderful person who we were so lucky to meet. He provided narration work for one of our audiodramas (Taxi Driver) and everyone that heard his recordings was blown away. Not only that but he provided them in no time and was amazingly helpful to me, one of the editors.
    Thank you so much Emil for everything.
    Project Owners, you really want to have Emil on your team!