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About AliMackScot

Edinburgh based actor/presenter. Versatile accent.

Stage, commercial, audiobook, videogame, animation, gameshow experience.

  • @otellino

    AliMackScot was cast as the Lead Character - General Russell Ward - In my Fallout 4 modification "America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave".

    From start to finish, he was an absolute joy to work with. During casting he was more than happy to provide aditional lines, and did so very quickly. Throughout the entire process he was very easy to get in contact with, and turned in a large amount of lines in an incredibly short period of time to a very high standard.

    I cannot praise his performance enough - He brought the character to life with a fantastic emotional range, surpassing what even I had hoped for. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and sincerely hope to work with him again in the future.

  • @squaremedia

    Great voice, portrayed the character very well. Recommend this guy for any project!

  • @nathangaelyork

    Alistair is a true star and a chill guy. He is a brilliant voice actor and you'd be lucky to have him on your project. Act fast before he becomes too big for your shoes!
    Check out the Kickstarter video he narrated for us!

  • @darth-vigorous

    As a voice actor, I have to say that AliMackScot is a very talented and skillful voice actor who provides the most outstanding work. I highly recommend him for your projects. I had a great honor in hiring him. :)

    I'll provide the link to video he was in once said video is completed.

  • @rubbish-log

    This was a character I felt I would have a no-win situation with in terms of performance, until I heard AliMackScot's full recording for Robert De Courtney--very much our Robin Hood of the series, and he breathed a new life to the role and possibly the show as well. His takes had excellent variety, our chats full of enthusiasm, eager for feedback or ways to make it perfect. And finally his performance itself was beyond what I had hoped for in the character and I can't wait for you all to hear it in Chapter 8!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Alistair voiced a character in one my projects. He did a voice unlike any other, once I heard it I knew he had to be cast in the role. Really talented guy who nailed the character. Cannot recommend him enough and looking forward to working with him in the future.