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Hi there! My name is Mya Schuwerk, and I'm an aspiring voice actor from the Chicago area. Most of my experience in acting comes from live theater. In 2013, I enlisted in the US Army on active duty, and a few years later received an honorable discharge. I've recently decided to have a go at voice work, as musical theater no longer suited the place I'm at in my life. So far, I'm enjoying it even more than I did my previous work. I love the freedom, flexibility, and access voice acting affords me. I'm eager to grow and learn, and am looking to build my experience doing projects I'm passionate about.


  • @optipersona

    A voice actress who is easy to work with and dedicated to her craft. Punctual with her communication and script deadlines, which is a huge plus. Very good enunciation and use of emotion when needed.

    Would recommend to any directors who need a female lead!

  • @irusu

    She gave a great performance as the Angel in my project The Unusual Party a World of Warcraft Audioplay. I have worked with her on her series Dead Company as well and she is super friendly, fun to work with and easy to reach. I really enjoy working with her in every aspect!

  • @sette

    Not only was she a great fit for the warrior character in my project, Mya is one of the most dedicated, skilled, and friendliest voice actors I've ever worked with. She is very responsive and I didn't have to worry about anything while I worked with her. I would definitely love to work with her again and am looking forward to seeing her do more voice work in the future!

  • @alpha

    Mya joined the cast of my largest production to date as a key supporting character. Her subtle inflections and clever personality inserts allowed said character to stand in good contrast to her twin as well as the cast as a whole. On top of that Mya is very passionate, involved and just fun to work with.

    She played Ashita in the production linked below.