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    About PAID [Fandub] Dragonfable: The End of Magic (Book 3), side quests casting

    What is this?

    Hello ladies and gents! While this is my first time posting on CCC, this is a project I have been planning for months! (And have had quite some failure attempting to voice all characters on my own throughout said time)

    This is a fan dub of an old game from the late 2000s: DragonFable! Specifically Book 3, which came out more recently, and is still being updated to this day. If the game sounds familiar, you might've played it if you were a child/teenager in 2009-2013.

    This particular project is going to be edited and framed in such a way to try and remove most, if not all, of the gameplay elements such as the fighting scenes in an attempt to make the experience less invasive and more "cinematic" in a sense.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the game/series, I highly recommend taking the game for a spin or at least watch some Youtube videos of the story/gameplay. The story is incredibly well written, although the gameplay (turn based fighting) can get a little boring. There are so many side quests, I can't even begin to summarize them here. 

    This particular project will focus on the main storyline of Book 3. I will create a separate casting call for the side quests, to keep this one concise. 

    The characters I have posted for now are the leads, and important people for the early story. This will be updated with more characters as time goes on and the story progresses. 

    This game is very close to my heart, and I want to give it the best quality I can, to give it the justice it deserves. 

    Story synopsis

    The main storyline follows The Hero navigating through a new world after waking up from being encased in ice for a decade. The Rose, a large anti-magic militia organization in the new world, enjoys widespread support even being backed by the King and royal army.

    The Rose seeks to end the very existence of magic, a previously core part of the world before The Hero was frozen. Their leader, Jaania, an idealist, believes all the actions of The Rose are for the good of the people. The reality is quite a stark contrast however because The Rose has grown so large, unsavory characters have entered the ranks, going as far as to enslave magical creatures like fairies and elves just for the "crime" of existing. 

    Jaania is also the one who trapped The Hero in a huge ice block in the beginning of the story, as "punishment" for actions before Book 3 began.

    Naturally, a resistance group (called The Vind) formed up against The Rose, made up of elves, ogres, fairies, and other magical creatures. The Hero joins the resistance, in an effort to stop The Rose. 

    Along the way, The Hero discovers not everything is as simple as "Rose = bad, Resistance = good". They discover that creatures they used to beat up (Clawkin, Dravir, Furies, Elves) all have their own civilization and culture, and The Rose intends to kill them all because they are magical and "magic = bad". 

    They also meet Rose members who truly work for the betterment of the civilians, such as deposing a tyrannical lich who ruled over a desert town, running an orphanage for children whose homes were destroyed by magic, and converting a town previously overrun by vampires and werewolves to be a safe human settlement. 

    While fighting for the resistance, The Hero meets low ranking Rose foot soldiers, and helps them see the truth behind The Rose's actions. Often times, the foot soldiers are not aware of the harm they are causing, and their resolve to "end magic for the good of everyone" wavers. 

    The Hero also runs into a situation where the literal embodiment of evil/darkness is created, using a innocent civilian as a host body. More civilians are also corrupted into "minions" during this situation. During this time, the Hero is forced to reconsider if The Rose's actions are truly justified, creating a sense of confusion and wavering their previously unshakable resolve against The Rose.


    This is a paid project that I'm funding out of my own pocket. Some characters (Jaania, Robina/Victoria, Kara SuLema) appear in multiple side quests as well as the main story throughout the entirety of Book 3, so I ask that the people I cast for these roles be able to commit to about 3 months' of work. There's just THAT much content. If you feel what I'm offering isn't enough for what I ask, let me know in a comment, and I'll take it into consideration.

    As I said, I want to give this project the best quality possible, so I expect at least a decent microphone quality and performance skill. USB mics are fine, just make sure there isn't excessive background noise. No clipping in any auditions. 

    The main characters go through a wide range of emotions, and some of them shout a lot. So if you aren't someone who can convincingly emote heavily, try for a less expressive character instead. 

    I expect anyone who auditions for a lead or supporting role to at least read up on the character background. While I try to summarize these characters here, they are all dynamic, multi-sided, it's hard for me to describe them here without context of the game's story. 

    In Regards to Payment:

    As I mentioned, this project is funded directly from my own pocket. As such, I will stagger recording sessions on a per episode/quest basis, and you will be paid per episode. I earn nothing from this project. This is simply out of my own love for the game, and maybe bring back some old players. 

    The listed price is the price (per episode) you'll be paid for the specified character's first appearance. Payment may change in the following episodes depending on how many lines are in the specific episode. As mentioned, if you feel what I'm offering isn't enough for what I ask, let me know in a comment, and I'll take it into consideration. 

    Payments will be sent exclusively through PayPal only- if you do not have a PayPal account, I cannot pay you. No Venmo/CashApp, no cryptocurrency. I know what these are, I just don't have access to them. 

    A few final notes:

    1) I am a huge fan of this game, and while you can find some rare voiceover on Youtube (with my terrible acting skill), I DO NOT expect you to imitate that performance. I want to see your own take on each role. There is a guide for each line for each audition role, but I want to see your unique take on the character. 

    2) Anything in (brackets) is NOT to be read during the audition. It's there to give context to the line, and to the character. 

    3) There are a lot of supporting and minor characters in this game, so feel free to test your mantle for any of them. I recommend referencing the actual game to see the context in which these characters appear, to help get a better understanding of them. I'll still try my best to provide context for everything. 

    4) Discord is required. I will be using it to communicate with the group, to help direct acting during live performances, or even just to chat and have fun, and get to know each other. 

    5) The final product will be posted on a brand new Youtube channel I will create solely for this. Each Youtube video/episode will contain 1 quest (maybe 2 if each one is shorter), and each episode is no more than 15 minutes. 

    And that's all I can think of. If you have any questions, leave a comment or message me, I'll do my best to answer them. You may also message me on Discord if you have any questions or just want to chat. 

    And to the DragonFable developers or diehard fans, if you see this and think I'm disrespecting the IP, let me know. It's not my intention to offend anybody, or to infringe on anyone's copyright, especially not that of Artix Entertainment. I deeply respect the original game developers and their work. 

    Lastly, have fun, and good luck!

    About the Creator: megane-lee

    Hi, I'm Megane! I go by Nightraven on Discord and some of my other channels.

    Born and living in Singapore, I'm a aspiring amateur VA. Admittedly, I've never had any formal training in the field of voice work or audio engineering. I've taught myself basic audio editing to clean up messy audio, though I'm far from perfect. Hopefully I could learn (and contribute) something good to the CCC community. 

    I have been doing unofficial voiceover for a game called DragonFable with a friend for a while now, and I spend a lot of time voicing Tumblr shitposts. I wanted to create a dub for the entire game, then realized it's impossible for me to do every single female character on my own (made the amateur mistake of Double/Triple Casting myself). I realize it is a huge undertaking, considering how much story content is in JUST Book 3 of the game.

    I also spend time narrating bad Fanfiction (like My Immortal) for fun, just because I think it's funny.

    You may find me on Discord: NightRaven101#4790

    To you who's reading this, let's (maybe) make some content together! Have a great day!  

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