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About Eruthia

Do you need a sweet-as-honey voice, a cheerful teen, a loving mother, or an energetic boy? Well then, I’d say it’s destiny, cause I just might be your gal! Contact me here on CCC or through discord to chat about your next project.

Discord: Eruthia#3919

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

I usually charge $1-3/line, but I am open to working with your budget!

  • @bluebow501

    She has a really nice cadence and a good variety! You won't regret hiring her, she's amazing!

  • @miwakaneko

    Eruthia is a truly talented voice actor, she has great range and is able to grasp the tone of scenes very well ^^ She delivered high quality lines quickly and was very sweet to work with ^^ I would definitely recommend casting her! I look forward to hopefully working with her again on future projects ^o^

  • @deleted296738

    I reached out to Eruthia to see if she was might be interested in auditioning for some of my projects. I haven't cast her yet, but I know there's a role out there waiting for her! She's extremely talented and I look forward to working with her on a project in the near future!

  • @deleted533519

    Oh, my goodness. I can't even describe how much I respect this woman's talent! She tried for two characters, and despite me wanting everyone to have one role, I was so tempted to cast her for both. Her range is amazing! She was able to do different personalities and perfectly convey them without saying what the character is like. You could tell exactly how the character is, and that to me, is pure class.
    Eruthia is an absolute joy! She is so bubbly and sweet, I love talking to her!

  • @starlit_104

    As a supporting role in my overly-large project, Eruthia worked quite well. When needed, she submitted her lines swiftly. Upon listening to the recording, I was mind-blown by her talent and how much heart Eruthia put into a few words. I would definitely recommend her for various genres of voice acting projects. She was on top of things along with being friendly and kind when talking to the other voice actors working on the project.

  • @pureus

    Eruthia's outstanding performance in our project was the most liberating and powerful things I've ever worked with and it's coming from someone not easily impressed. I could not be happier stumbling upon her profile and finding mutual cast members in the project that proudly vouched for her.

    The most striking part of it all was the fact that she initially felt unsure about the extent of romance that her character takes part in and I assured her that she didn't have to moan or anything of a suggestive nature. You couldn't imagine how I reacted to hearing the most moving, beautiful contextual sounds for each scene, it was above and beyond and I'll never forget that.

    I dearly hope that she finds great success in her talent because it's precisely what she deserves. Any project with an audience resonating character should invest in not just her voice, but her initiative and attitude towards quality.

    Thank you Eruthia for bringing life to something beautiful and giving us great hope.

  • @tchrome

    I selected Eruthia for two different roles on a project I made and she knocked both out of the park. She was very pleasant and easy to work with and provided multiple takes with enough variation to really help nail what I needed for the characters.