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About EurasianRob

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view this page!

My name's Rob and i'm a voice actor hailing from Northern England.

I started off voice acting by narrating Lovecraftian stories and love anything horror based or macabre.

Since starting to branch out i've been actively seeking to challenge myself by taking on a variety of roles.

I enjoy all aspects of voice acting and appreciate any opportunity to develop my skills further!

  • @littledemon

    He's a pretty cool dude. I only worked with him once, even though, I heard his voice and thought "wow".

  • @majorsilver99

    I have only finished the first part of my project so far, but he is always one of the first to get his voice acting done, and his voice was exactly what I needed to complete my story. He played the role of narrator, and is incredible at capturing the emotion of scenes.

  • @matthewrwright

    Rob was an actor on the production 'Buzz' as well as the production 'The Carry Over' projects that I wrote and directed. Rob's attitude and flexibility through both productions were top-notch. He was professional and understanding throughout, a really strong quality to have, and was able to adjust his performance to the needs of the project without an ego, also a great quality. His peformances on both projects were exceptional, with a great emotional range and depth, Rob has the ability to make you really feel for the characters that he performs. So, in summary, If you want great, professional quality voice acting, contact EurasainRob.

  • @free-fantasy

    Rob is an excellent voice actor that puts a noticeable effort into his work. He was very active with his part of the project often going beyond what was asked of him. He was very quick to respond and got his lines done extremely fast. His performance and audio was high quality nothing sort of excellent. He was happy to receive criticism always working to improve, looking to portray his role as authentically as he could. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a talented voice actor that is committed to their role and I would be happy to work with him again.

  • @maxe84

    EurasianRob, a great voice, and an excellent actor. I will be sure to use his skills in more future projects to come. He listens well how to get the job done. Eager to learn more, and always seems to be in high positive spirit. He can play any part. You will not regret having him in your projects, quite the opposite. He will bring his full game and exceed all expectation. I was lucky to find him. He really molds the character after his voice. I hope to do many great things with him.

    Mimirs Well

    Bjorn Maxe

  • @themissingamethystcookie

    I was honored enough to have met Rob while working on an ongoing audio drama where he plays my character's twin brother. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and working with him is a pleasure. We work together on several projects and his talent is obvious to all.

    I'm really glad to have met him and would recommend him to anyone

  • @skullface

    He was the first actor I casted for my audio drama and he helped get the ball rolling. Hes a great actor with range and hes a legitimately great person as well. He also hands in his lines in no time and will give you input on storylines, which as a director is appreciated.

  • @mr-jimmo

    EurasianRob's the kind of voice actor that shows up and knocks your socks off when you least expect it. I was so fortunate to cast him as a lead character in Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence because he takes his work very seriously. The quality of his work is nothing short of incredible - a real joy to listen to! He's friendly, motivated, talented, and fast. Anyone would be lucky to cast to him. He's got a bright future ahead of him.

    ~ Mr. Jimmo

  • @addie

    Everything about his work is perfect. He is very skilled and quick with his lines. His audio quality is great and he is very professional! He embodied the character perfectly, and was willing to make changes according to my outlook. Wonderful person to work with as well, he seemed excited to work with me as I was with him. Very friendly and super talented. Perfect cast for my role!

  • @seth-quine

    EurasianRob is/has providing work for an audiobook that I am directing. The project will have ten audiobooks and I am hoping that he will come back for as many as he wants!
    He is one of the best voice actors to work with! He always sends in lines on time and if he needs more time he asks nicely. Also he can work with others very well.
    You will not be disappointed with having him on your team and I am looking forward to work with him on more projects!

  • @teras-outis

    Some of the best voice work you will find on this site, delivery of the audio was quick and flawless

  • @mothraverse

    I recently received an audition from him for a role as a narrator in a new series i was doing, his voice was perfect! he has a professional voice that needs be heard on a wider scale. he knows the right tone of voice he needs and he imagine's his audition's voices perfectly.

  • @csr-creations

    An amazing voice and talented individual who is amazing to work with and manages to be one of my most punctual and eager of my voice actors. He’s got a sense of humor and has a tendency of putting a smile on people’s faces all whilst taking his craft very seriously. I am still working with him, as the project is yet to be finished, but I am so vey honored to have him casted as one of my protagonists.

  • @joshuaspectorva

    EurasianRob is such a positive and talented addition to any project. He shows such an appreciation for the work and truly strives to bring his character to life. He is always open to direction and provides his takes and any adjustments well before deadline. I definitely look forward to working with him again as a director and fellow actor!

  • @connorkopko

    EurasianRob has a fantastic voice! Highly recommended, sent all three takes as one file, and quickly did a retake that I asked for! I could not recommend him more, especially speed with which he turns in his lines. I wish great things for him!

  • @cassieingaben

    EurasianRob is a wonderful actor: he took part in two of my audio and video productions, where he's consistently been prompt, helpful and courteous--and he has a lovely sense of humour! He did a great job: got the acting and characterisation right, both by the script and the director/producer. He has a wonderful voice, excellent interpretation skills and he's very able at reproducing accents different from his own.

    I'm overall very pleased and I'm looking forward to future projects with him 

  • @thatlovepodcast

    Rob is a very talented Voice actor. He also very good to work with. He knows what he's doing so hire him today. Don't wait and regret. do it now.

  • @Melrosee

    I just met EurasianRob
    doing my first ever project on here and I must say he was an absolute wonderful person to work with. We both got along really well and his voice is amazing for any role he takes on! Pleasure working and getting to know him as filming went on! I am looked forward to more of his work and to hopefully work with him on something again sometime! Thanks for making me laugh a ton and making the first project I ever work on go so smoothly!

  • @Revenant_Studios

    If you get the chance to work with them and think they fit your project I would highly suggest them, they were very quick to respond and provided good quality lines. Just overall a nice person to work with.