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Elmer Louise

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About Elmer Louise

I have a passion for voice acting and I have participated in some amateur projects in the past and I have been a stage actor in local musicals and plays and took drama classes in both high-school and college.

My voice has been used for a number of automated phone systems belonging to businesses I worked for in the past and professionally, I currently work over the phone in customer service, which has taught me a greater degree of emotional expression through voice alone.


Standard rate $2.00 per line.

What Elmer Louise is looking for

I would love to be part of projects that influence creativity and learning. I am wanting to work with more original projects.

  • @thezackattack

    I've worked with Amber quite a few times. We've operated on Numerous episodes of Anime web-comics together, In addition to a "Transformers: Prime" Project, And through all that, I must say, she is a truly talented Voice Actress! In addition to the top tier quality of her recordings, She's able to encapsulate the essence of a character perfectly, And deliver leaps and bounds in terms of Performance Acting! I can assure you, she'll be an excellent and invaluable asset to whatever Project your working On!

  • @cashlinsnow

    Amber is SUCH fun to work with! I love directing her! Great personality and sense of humor! She voiced Amy Rose for me in my Comic Collection #1 Sonic video, and I really hope she'll stay on for more voicing! Her Amy is super energetic and full of fantastic emotion! She's always willing to be directed, to do just what the director asks, and to redo as many takes as needed. In addition, Amber always brings that balanced sense of professionalism to each session. Having her provide voicing for me has been one the best experiences I've had so far! Get her! Solid talent!

  • @wesewesew

    There isn't a single bad thing about Amber, she is such a delight to work with. She has this friendly nature that connects with everyone in the room, able to make anyone laugh at the drop of at hat! Her skills as an actor are brilliant. As a director, the worst thing you could have is an actor that isn't confident in what they're doing. Amber is the opposite of that. So easy to direct, she effortlessly gets sucked into her role. I had her cast as the character Carmelita Fox. She absolutely nailed the conflict of emotions within the character, the pure contrast between the love and anger is simply breathtaking. I couldn't recommend Amber enough. With the raw talent she brings, you would be absolutely missing out if you passed her up.

  • @jenkib726

    Amber is a magnificent actor, who has proven herself as both efficient and talented. Her professionalism is something to be admired, and she melds into any role she's given with great competency. I cannot recommend Amber Tscherning enough, and I would relish the chance to work with her again in the future!

  • @dkuniverse

    I managed atscherning on Deku's Dubs "unOrdinary" comic dub! She voiced one supporting character and several minor characters! She never fails to turn in her lines on time and their always fantastic first time around! She's quick to respond and I would 100% work with her again!

  • @matt-clemens-va

    Elmer Louise (aka Amber) is such an amazing voice actress! Each time I've worked with her has been an absolute delight. She has voiced Amy Rose for me on numerous occasions, and also can do a great Tails, Whisper, and even Shade! So, if you're looking for someone to give a bright, cheerful, or mysterious performance, she's the one you're looking for!