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About tommanningvoices

My name is Tom Manning, and my passion is voice over! I would love to use my passion to help you create yours.

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  • @mrbohemian

    Tommanningvoices was multicast in my work The Dreamers: A Play of Playing, a full length theater script and WoW machinima.

    Awesomely awkward would be the phrase to describe Tom. If I had a character that was despised, killed, or mocked, I had him enter stage right. Despite many diverse characters, revisions were brief and coordination was smooth.

  • @bug

    I’ve worked with numerous voice actors from this site, and few have been as much of a joy to work with as Tom. He has a contagious positivity and an apparent enthusiasm for his roles, that can be felt in his performances.
    Working with him, I found myself appreciating how cooperative and professional he is, among the other great traits he possesses.
    I suggest listening to the demo reel on his CCC profile and/or going through his auditions, and hearing for yourself how refined his talent is. He has the utmost essential ability of bringing characters to life.
    You know you’re working with real talent, when you have to decide which great take you love the most, as opposed to going with the ‘least worse’.
    Keep up the great work, Tom!

  • @fulcrum-entertainment

    Tom was extremely enthusiastic about his role and provided me with excellent voice work from the audition stage all the way up to the completion of the project. He kept in touch the whole time and was very professional when asked to make alterations or given direction for the role. I look forward to completing future projects with him and would absolutely recommend him as an actor.