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Corey Graziano

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About Corey Graziano

If you're looking for a unique voice with gruff then I'm your guy!

I've been a Voice Actor since 2018 and I've been loving it since.

Thank you for checking out my page! ♪

Video Game Mods

Fallout 4: Last Stand - Salvador

Fallout 4: Fourville - Security Chief Norm Marshal

Fallout 4 (Hellcat) – Power Armor Leader


Sustain: Primary Field Care

Visual Novel/Comic Dubs 

Batman: Road to Arkham – Batman

Dreamkeepers: The Movie 2 – Marvin

Monster Kingdom – Mr Vivian

Killing Stalking – Officer Park

GoGo Gonzi – Male Thug

Audio book/Audio Drama

Crucible "Misfits" - Cassius


The Rage Virus – Mikey

Hunter – Dr Andy Smith

Renunciation – Stanley

Bluemoon - Jayden

Take Lessons - 2021

Voice Acting

Instructed by Kelsey Jimenez

She is an amazing teacher and she makes sure I understand every tool at my verbal disposal!

Take Lessons - 2022

Voice Acting

Instructed by Bill Patti
Ace Studios - 2022

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by
Arielle-Khristianna Studio - 2018


Instructed by

$0.02 - $0.06 per word depending on the project budget and script length
Always negotiable!
Payments are accepted via PayPal: [email protected]

What Corey Graziano is looking for

I love the personalities of characters like Alex Louis Armstrong from FMA, Iskander from Fate/Zero, and Yami from Black Clover!

As for "what I'm looking for", I love to be part of a team and have lots of fun.

  • @thatfoolishone

    Corey voiced Mr. Vivan for me on my comic dub project. He was very nice and got his recordings back to me very quickly. Plus he does a real cool deep voice. So if you need a deep guy voice, he's your guy. I would definitely recommend him!