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Voice acting is one of my many passions. Though I do a lot of other things in life (art, music, production, videos, etc.), if some miracle happened and voice acting needed to take a more prevalent role in my life, I'd definitely go all-in. 

My main projects during some seasons are my comic and my audiofiction podcast!
DreamersEcho: Epic Adventure Sound-Comic
MondreaMemories: Immersive Audio Odyssey

I also do a ton of different art, music, video, and other creative projects here!
Contact me to get your custom art, music, or any production-related work done for a competitive rate!

I voice act for many other projects on the side, and if I auditioned for yours, I believe it needs to be created. If you're looking for a unique, versatile male voice (though I'm told I can also play a handsome elderly woman), I will make it a priority and play my part to make sure it gets done.

Exploring this site has been a fun and wonderful journey so far, and I plan on auditioning for many more! Connect with me on Discord [ JetFalco#5005 ] and follow me on Instagram and YouTube.


I believe paying your talent is extremely important. I pay my own actors for my projects. The Indie Voice Acting Rate Guide has some great examples of what project teams, managers, and directors should be paying their talent. These rates are simply suggestions and aren't official in any way.  A simple tip of a dollar or two to your voice talent will go great lengths in creating lasting relationships and a solid genuine air around your production.  Patreon or Ko-Fi tips are other great examples to support voice actors who dedicate their time and effort in contributing to your projects.

That being said, if I auditioned for your unpaid project, that means I believe in the story, role, and the production as a whole.  I am willing to contribute my time and voice to several projects that are "for fun" or unpaying.  I see the value in some of these stories, and if you see me sending a few auditions your way, I believe yours is great and I'd love to be a part of it.

If we do happen to work together and your budget is zero: All I ask is that you send me a recommendation on my page here. That would be amazing.

What JetFalco is looking for

All in all, I want to act in as many productions that I can.  I have so much fun voice acting for all of these unique characters and being a part of these stories is a great honor.  I hope to eventually catch notice of some bigger productions in the future, if I'm lucky.

  • @jt424

    Jet jas one of the coolest voices I've heard in a while. He fit the character as a commanding police chief perfectly. He's also a professional who knows exactly what to give the director/creator. I would definitely recommend Jet for anyone's voice work! :)

  • @the_mom_cave

    I was incredibly excited to hear JetFalco's voice for my voice acting machinima. I had not found the right voice for the lead character, until I heard his. Working with him has been great. He is responsive, flexible and incredibly, incredibly talented. His voice is a cut above the rest. I highly recommend working with him.

  • @jlh3

    JetFalco played a character named Sanger in an audiobook I produced. He portrayed the character with emotion and in a way that was very true to the character. I definitely recommend checking JetFalco out if you have any voice acting needs. He is a very versatile and skilled voice actor from my experience with him.

  • @jt424

    Jet is AMAZING! I can see why he's one of the most popular voice actors on CCC. He vocied police Chief Baxter in my audiobook, "Zane: The Demon Prince." His voice was mature, deep and gritty with lots of conviction. Jet is the kind of voice actor every artist, director and producer hopes for!

  • @SilvermoonProductions

    Thank you so much for submitting your lines so quickly! V, v happy with them!! Would work with you again :-)

  • @jt424

    Jet voiced Eric in my audiobook "Shooting Star." He made Eric's voice sound so deep and cool, even though Eric was 17. In my notes for the audition, I suggested people try to sound like Justin Cook as Hatsuharu Soma in "Fruits Basket." Jet was the only one who did his homework. This shows what a professional he is. No wonder he's one of the most popular voice actors on CCC! :)

  • @kiirby-mariee

    I've worked with Jetfalco in two different projects and in both projects he's done an excellent job performing these characters. He is someone I feel super relaxed to work with as he is responsible, quick and concise and have a great communication with him. He definitely brings any character to life in a way that makes these characters believable in a professional way whether if its a good or bad character. He delivers his recordings pretty clean and clear as well. He listens to feedback and takes it into consideration and fixes anything that needs re-doing. He is someone who definitely pours his heart, soul and passion into any project I highly recommend him. 

  • @kainoncarthyst

    JetFalco came on a project of mine several times being a voice to narrate the dreams and memories of the characters. He was quick, always having his lines in under the time I had allotted. This didn't sacrifice quality, however, for his additions to the project gave a perfectly eery tone to any scene he helped with. 

  • @april-dark

    JetFalco voiced a character in my machinima. I had an emergency situation and needed to find a replacement for another voice actor asap. I was surprised by how quickly JetFalco delivered all lines. Not only was their quality top-notch, but the acting was phenomenal. I can't imagine a better voice actor for that role.