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About Dragon Quest/Warriors Game Fandub


Welcome to my fandub for the game Dragon Quest or Dragon Warriors as some may be more familiar with it by. I am on a mission to do fandub videos of some older game series' that were never voice acted that will be released on a new YouTube channel I am starting for this. This is going to be in video format and not an actual playable version of the game.

What I'm Looking For

Due to this and future projects like this being fandubs, unfortunately I am not able to offer monetary compensation due to copyright. Although it is unpaid though I would like to still have a level of professionalism and quality to the project. So I will be looking for people with:

  • Good quality microphone, preferably XLR but if you have a USB mic do not let that deter you from auditioning since it is the sound quality I'm looking for and that's still definitely achievable with some USB mics.
  • Little to no background noise, reverb or echo. Some we can definitely work with but if there is too much of any of these it greatly takes away from the quality of the audio and can be very jarring to listen to when mixed in with other audio.
  • Discord is definitely preferred but not mandatory by any means but will make things much easier to work on the project as a whole.
  • A good attitude! I'm hoping to form a great group of people to continue working with me on these projects going forward and that is obviously much easier if you can get along well with me and the rest of the team!


Some of the projects I will be listing may not have a huge amount of big roles as older games like this, a lot of them weren't as story driven. However because I am wanting to fully dub the dialogue in the game, there will be a lot of NPC's that will be needing voices. So I will be listing extra roles which may not seem like much but they will be for a large selection of characters throughout the game, so there will be a decent amount of lines for them as well! The Hero role although there are not really any lines for him in the game itself we will be adding to make him more of the main character he deserves to be!

If you are not chosen for this project please do not feel discouraged, there are not many roles for this particular one but there will be more in future projects!

If you would like any feedback regarding your audition as well please let me know when you post it and I'll be happy to give feedback to anyone wanting some!

We have also started a discord channel for Echo Audio Productions for this project and many more going forward. Feel free to join the server to keep up to date on this project as well as be the first to find out about more projects in the future!


Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to check out my project!

About the Creator: falonecho

Falon is a full-time professional voice actor and narrator specializing in animation, video games and narration. She is the voice of numerous video game major roles including Beatrice in Meister High, Rain in Wake Me Up, and the lead and mascot, Lilah in the mobile game Baked. She also has 140+ audiobook credits and 200+ character credits to her name. Falon has been training vocally her entire life and has been training in voice over specifically for close to 5 years now, through various schools, courses and private coaching with professionals who have been in the industry for decades.

She is also a wife and mother of a beautiful little 5 year old boy. Voice acting is the perfect job for her as it allows her to combine her passions of voice and acting as well as gives her the freedom to be able to stay home with her son, who although didn't talk until recently due to his special needs, is determined to follow in his moms footsteps and loves to spend time in the studio with her helping out in recording sessions.

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