my microphone was backward for months. yes. i live in shame.

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About JunoVO

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Hello, and welcome to the JunoVO corner!

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JunoVO is a Christian and queer voice actor (they/them) in the Southern United States. They have been acting for over five years and quite enjoy it! JunoVO also has a minor background in theater and a bigger background in choir.

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JunoVO is also a director - who uses the alias Starrytchi when directing. They have created many projects over the years [Most notable being Locker 79] that have been received well. They are always striving to create original but mature stories for those who like that kind of media.

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GREAT! Feel free to message them if you have a role you want them to play in mind! Just remember that they do not do NSFW projects or projects that make them say the word "GD" (look it up if you don't know) in it.

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They are visually impaired, so they kindly ask that if they are cast, you either highlight or color code JunoVO's character's lines. If you are unable to do that, at least make the script copiable so they can then do it themself. This is so they can see the lines!


All other information can be found on their site - > https://junovo.carrd.co/


DIRECTOR of many projects, which you can find on their channel Starrytchi - > https://youtube.com/@starrytchi?si=IWOZ9Fbvh_IwNiBq


Phil Campbell High School - 2022


Instructed by William Stacy

Highschool choir course; helped expand my range and helped with my singing. | 2022-2024

Hazel Green High School - 2020

Theatre 1

Instructed by Emily Brady

This is my highschool theater course. | 2020-2021

Private Coaching - 2023

Vocal - Singing

Instructed by Sandra Smith

Private singing coaching. | 2023 - Present


Animation: $1.00USD/Line

Audiobook: $0.75/Line

I am open to both unpaid and paid, but I am more inclined to take/audition for paid projects. Let me know your budget and we can work something out!

What JunoVO is looking for

I will do anything as long as it's not offensive/inappropriate. I may be an adult, but I am currently unable (and uncomfortable doing!) sexual NSFW; lightly heated stuff is fine, but otherwise no. I do not live alone anyway.

I will do projects with swearing, but not over-usage of swearing. I will not say the word "g—damn/g—damnit" under any circumstances due to religious beliefs. If you cannot respect this, do not hire me.

If you are open to change, we can find a workaround! 

More information on what I will and will not do can be found on my site, on this specific page: Will/Will not do

  • @jazaxiee

    As a friend and voice actor of Nova, I can say that they are AMAZING! Plus the fact their voice is hella great and I am not sure why I haven't gave Nova my fine recommendation sooner. Nova is super understanding and may I say funny as well- It's very easy to get along with them and I am entirely grateful for Nova's friendship. They are an amazing friend, director, video editor (like bro, look at their work, it's astonishing) AND voice actor. I guarantee you'll love them as any one of these UwU Thank you for liking my dumbass self Nova, I love ya!

    -The Dumbass aka Jazaxiee (Hope you like getting a second recommendation on the same day teehee)

  • @mollexi

    I currently work with Nova on their upcoming mini movie "The Nuclear Family" and oh my goodness, what an absolute pleasure it is to work with them! They are such an incredible director. They help out all the voice actors when they need it and they treat everyone with respect. I was so honoured when they cast me in their project as I've been a fan of their videos for months beforehand. As well as being an incredible director, they are also a talented voice actor! Their auditions... oml each one of them are amazing!
    I'm so so grateful to them and also proud to call them a close friend. I highly recommend casting Nova for your project, because they will not disappoint. <3

  • @itzbeth

    Nova is a good director, voice actor, and a good friend of mine. They are very talented, try to get there work done and turns in there line on time. Their audition is soooo good and amazing that I would definitely recommend them as a voice actor. They have been improving a lot and I hope to see Nova more in the future

    -Your Friend Beth

  • @amarey

    first time i've ever got to know nova was from their project "The Nuclear Family." nova is an outstanding person, and they're very talented! they're an amazing director, voice actor, and overall a great person and a great friend! they deliver instructions that are easy to understand and are clear, delivers lines with such passion, and are very sweet and supportive. having them apart of your crew is something you'll definitely not regret! pop off always nova ^^
    [love ya nova >:)]

  • @lilycherryblossom

    1. Nova is such a nice human being! They always help anyone in need and respects others! I am in there server and I am planning on auditioning for a future project of there's! If I were talking about there voice acting, it's just WOW! The fact Nova can do so many different tones amazes me! I look up to Nova as a role model, and what I want to be like in the future. I'm really just proud to even know them.

  • @moonlilystudio

    Juno is not only amazing at voice acting but Juno is also very nice. All of Juno’s lines were completed perfectly and on time. Juno’s communication was amazing as well and is also a very passionate voice actor. If you are looking for a passionate, nice and amazing voice actor, Juno is the voice actor to choose!

  • @monnylynne

    On the professional side, Nova and I have been working together for years, it was only a little under two years ago I've switched my alias and continued voicing bigger roles for their projects, but on the personal side, I feel like I've known this wonderful person my entire life.

    Nova's been voice acting for longer than I have, and they've been guiding me on my journey the moment I've auditioned for the first project. Nova's given me the absolute privilege to voice a variety of characters, and whenever I look back on the evolution of my voiceover career through those characters, all I have to thank is Nova. They made that happen. I don't know where I'd be without them.

    Nova has this exquisite skill to create things you don't often see. And sure enough, it's stretched my voice range a lot because of it. They make this work of art through stories where you would just sit down for hours listening and watching each second go by without notice. They're so creative and they have millions of stories to tell, do them a favor and be the one who listens, I know I did, and I refuse to stop listening from there on. 

    Nova's an excellent voice actor. They're able to capture really hard emotions for one's voice to grasp, but no, they got it in the bag. Every time without fail. They have the range to scream, yell, cry, laugh, and so much more by simply their voice and a microphone. It's as if you're in the scene yourself whenever their performance goes live. That's how real it is. 

    Nova's a work of art. And they better, oh my goodness, they better know that. Thanks for making projects more meaningful, Nova. I aspire to be like you every single day. Love you lots!

  • @rainedrops

    Approached them to help out with something impromptu and they were able to get back to me within an efficient/reasonable time and a decent job on the delivery/script :)