Andreas Claymore

Andreas Claymore

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About Andreas Claymore

Hi there!

I'm an aspiring voice actor from England that can do a wide variety of voices from deep and menacing, to fairly high pitched and soft spoken. I'm still working on some parts of my range and consistency but I'm hoping to get better and help others complete projects and find their potential voice.

  • @rejectandserve

    Boy oh boy this mans voice is as thick as butter.
    I have referred to him as 'Wagu' on multiple occasions due to the fact I truly believe you could slow cook a thick cut of Wagu in his voice over the course of a few hours.
    Seriously, if you love the baritone, hire this man. If you do not, i'm sure he has another cut perfect for you!

  • @crimsoncharlie

    Andreas was a joy to work with and have cast in my project.

    He listened, got his line back to me incredibly quickly and did two very distinct and different voices for my project.