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What am I looking for?...

Actors who can sound natural yet know when to add exaggeration.

Also I really really admire when an actor can improvise.

Passion/Charisma/Politeness is a must have.

Oh… and ACCENTS!!!!


  • @brittanie-arwen

    HaBeFaStro was incredible to collaborate with! He emits so much excitement and passion for his work, which makes it so fun to work with him!

    I had the opportunity to voice Jill Valentine for his Marvel vs. Capcom project. HaBeFaStro contacted me to request that I audition for his project and when I wasn't sure who to audition for (or with my lack of Marvel/Capcom knowledge, how to improvise with the characters), he graciously wrote me a general script to audition with and then cast me as the character he believed I was the best fit for. It was such a seamless experience!

    I know HaBeFaStro is going to do great things and I highly recommend him!

  • @alicial

    HaBeFaStro was such a gem to work with! He holds so much excitement and passion for his projects and it makes you just as excited.

    I had the pleasure of voicing both Misty Knight and Monica Rambeau for his Marvel vs. Capcom project. He contacted me through Discord and asked me to be a part of his project. When I couldn't figure out who to audition for, he helped me immensely and courage me to audition for multiple characters, including his suggestion of Monica. When I saw that he cast me as both Monica and Misty, I was so excited and ready to do these roles justice.

    During these projects, he has been nothing but encouraging and uplifting for me to do my best. Just messaging him to see what was going on and to get feedback, he always replied with respect, patience, and willingness to help me.

    10 out of 10 would recommend this man! He's doing great things and I know he has more in store for the world to see!

  • @toni_va

    HaBeFaStro is such a positive and beautiful soul with kindness flooding from his heart! His projects are always fun to work with and this guy's editing skills are amazing!!! He made me feel so honored to be working with him and he treated me like I was a professional voice actress. I'm speechless, this man is a blessing. <3

  • @jeremy123g

    he did good on his nagatoro dub

  • @kiirby-mariee

    I've met HaBeFaStro when he followed me and invited me to be in one of his project and honestly he is such an amazing person to work with! He is one of the cast members I feel so relaxed and so confident and have a genuine trust with a very sweet, kind, gentle and responsible person. He is incredibly talented and can do many different type of voices and I'm honestly surprised I have someone like him working on my project I was surprised on his auditions as they were all so well done as well very impressive cause the way he performs feels super professional. He is very quick and concise on the delivery of his lines and his recordings sound clear and clean. He does what needs to be done and does so with fantastic and outstanding performance. He really captures the character of Master Anu so damn well and makes it feel believable. He is someone who definitely pours his heart, soul and passion into any project.  He is another voice actor who I've learned so much through him and he's definitely inspired me to be better in both voice over and in the creation of projects. Very happy to have met this incredible person and I hope he books bigger projects cause he sure has the potential! I highly recommend him.