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About J_E_Utt

West Coast US voice actor looking for roles! Can do multiple voices and accents, and sing in character

Twitter: @JakeUtterVA
New Discord: J_E_Utt#7893
Old Discord: Bobbycueve#7893

  • @crimeflix

    Jake is a nice person to work with. Delivery of lines was very fast and of exceptional quality. A++ Will work with J_E_Utt again.

  • @paralleldimension

    Jake is an incredibly friendly, good-humoured guy with amazing vocal range and talents. Super fun to work with, and super fun to listen to! Really glad I get to work with him, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for the main villain or main protagonist of their project (so apparently he gets typecast as villains and I don't believe him because his Anime Protagonistâ„¢ voice is just too good).

  • @morgana-le-faye

    J_E_Utt has performed exceptionally as Turim Gliderlance. He is responsible and dedicated to his work and has become a valuable member of the Armageddon: Black Dawn team. I have enjoyed working with him on this project and believe he will be an asset to your next project. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

  • @terry-tibke

    Jake is great to work with. He has a nice range of tones and accents he can achieve. and carried the weight of a lead voice actor for nearly 30 episodes of the Armageddon: Black Dawn audiofiction I wrote and directed. He filled the role when the previous voice actor left, nigh seamlessly. He also takes direction well, and is able to convey an read with the right levels of emotion. A definite talent.