21/Voice Actor/Impressionist. Frequently seen on MOJO Dubs!!, Team Diamond and SiIvaGunner. Pfp by Dafisha on Twitter!

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About Metal_Shade

Hello, I'm Metal_Shade! I'm a voice actor with a knack for character voices. 

Most characters I perform well with are snarky, deep, and sometimes silly voices. My most recent demo reel shows what I am capable of so I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Voice acting has been a huge passion of mine and I hope to take it further with each role I play. 

Click here for a playlist of the projects I've done


Paid Work: $4 per line

What Metal_Shade is looking for

I'm mainly interested in working on high quality projects and working with amazing creatives!

  • @roseydanes

    Juan Isaac has a great vocal range, a professional and organized approach to projects, and works well with others. He has performed several character voices for my Sonic fan series (currently in post production). He provides clean, well-mixed audio which makes my job so much easier as an engineer. He communicates courteously and is open to new ideas. He’s also supportive of my team and we enjoy hearing his latest musical endeavors. I definitely recommend! Respectful, outgoing, provides polished material, and a valued member of my team!

  • @jakeykoop

    I have had the pleasure of managing, been a peer and been managed by Juan and I only have positive things to say.

    An infectious energy couples with a can do attitude to produce genuine performance and a passionate director.

    Juan has always been up for anything from Team Diamond, no matter how long we need in post production. He is in it for the long haul!

    Juan is an absolute must have for your projects.