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Hello! My name is Sappy Serpent (Silly Serpent on CCC) and I’m a sophomore in college (19). I love doing voice acting for anime, video games and cartoons! I’ve been acting for 6 years and have taken multiple high school level and college level acting courses. I’m also well trained in improv, so I love doing improvised scenes with different characters! I am an Alto and have participated in multiple musicals and ensembles. Check out my socials below!

Twitter- @SappySerpentVA

  • @clovett

    Serpent is incredibly versatile and talented, in her role of my show she plays upwards of 4 or 5 characters an episode. She has a great range of voices and has amazing acting instincts. She's responsive, on time, and has yet to disappoint. I highly recommend her for your project.

  • @ynstbih

    Silly Serpent was wonderful to work with. Understanding and willing to rerecord lines if needed. Always prompt and very professional with perfect quality.
    It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

  • @redphoenix15

    Sappy Serpent (Double S) was a fun voice actress to work alongside with. Right off the gate, she got right to it, and took care of her business and got what was needed done. She accepted the constructive criticisms I've given and she had wasted no time and quickly corrected the flaws that were heard and took care of the lines that were missed.

    She provides the voice of Emeri Sakuraba on my "Euphoria" manga dub, and she's like the young sibling you want to have.

    You did amazing, S.S. Keep being and continue to push forward.

  • @thatbusyanimator

    Sappy Serpent is an amazing voice actress! She plays the voice of Ingrid the Plague Doctor, the lead character of the comic with the same name, and she managed to capture her high pitched but not too squeaky voice that I've imagined! Mic quality was good, she responded well with my suggestions and criticism, and was on time with her lines in every checkpoint! It was great to work with her and hope that she can do it again for the next part of the project!