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About TrentMichaelt

Hi, my name is Trent Trachtenberg. I've been acting on stage for over 6 years. I've loved voice acting since I was very young practicing voices and impressions whenever I got the chance. I am skilled at impressions and various accents as well as having some skill in singing.

**Completed Projects**

Voice Acting


Tales of
Glarthford                                   Pillager


Zomboid: Radio Mod                Reverend


The Woes of
Whitby                                 Quincy

                                                                       Renfield Mk. II

Fallout NV:
New Love Radio                    Vault
21 Advertiser

The Rising Hero Abridged                       Villager

Fire Emblem Awakening Fandub         Frederick 

Dragnarok                                                   Joktan

Fallout: Hearts of Darkness                   John

Transformers Youtube Comedy            Starscream

Ragnarok Fandub                                     Forseti



Akimbo                                       Jeff
(Best Supporting Actor)

At the End of
the Day                                Brent


The Lion in
Winter                                      Prince

In the Fall                                                      Jay

Valentina                                            Gloria

The Hollow                                                    Edward

Bloomsday                                                   Robbie

Our Country’s
Good                                    Ralph


**In Progress**


Kaguya Sama:
Love is War Fandub       Narrator

The Remarried Empress Fandub           Emperor Sovieshu

SW: Legends of the Galaxy 2                   Captain Arrick Malacorin

Dragon Quest Warriors Fandub              Erdrick

Warcraft 3: Reversed                                 Troll Headhunter

Glass Heart                                                  Dr. Braven

Attack on Titan Abridged                         Reiner

Horus Rising Teaser                                   Tarik Torgaddon

Unit Down                                                     Garrison

Duel of the Fates                                         Poe Dameron


                                                                         Emperor Palpatine 

Ghost Project                                               Logan



  • @mctsts

    Great voice actor! I would definitely recommend TrentMichaelt to voice for you! He did a great job and replied quickly.

  • @deleted6059

    Fast, quality work! Very easy to work with and had a wonderful performance!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Trent provided voice work for my audio drama The Woes of Whitby, and I could not be happier with his work! He is absolutely the life of the party and shows intense interest in a project he's involved in. Not only is he incredibly easy to work with, but he is extremely talented and has an impressive talent in imitation. Trent can be any character you want him to be, and I am proud to have him as a part of my team.

  • @deleted210195

    Trent is patient, hard-working and extremely talented. If you think he might be the right man for the role, cast him! You won't regret it. He's a pleasure to work with and a fantastic actor.

  • @beyondthedark

    Trent has been a pleasure to work with. He absolutely nailed the character and gave me just the performance I was looking for. In addition to that he was very communicative throughout the process and provided quick turnaround. Looking forward to working with him again soon!

  • @tmill

    Trent is a flexible voice actor who is quick to understand direction when changes are needed! He is someone who is able to bring a lot of personality to a performance! Hire this man if you want that deep impact in your production!

  • @proper_adhesive

    Absolute pleasure to work with. Great energy, great sense of humor, and great voice acting. Did I mention great? Worth every penny, you won't be disappointed.

  • @jimmy-dean-vo

    I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Trent on my video series. From the first audition, Trent has provided top quality audio and his delivery is nothing short of perfection! If you are looking for a voice talent, get i touch with him. You won't be disappointed!

  • @kahsah

    Trent voiced the role of John in my video game mod and I don't think anyone could have done better. It was important that his character sounded almost cold and emotionless for the majority of time and Trent was able to capture that without it sounding monotone. Additionally, the moments where he needed to show emotion, he did perfectly. Additionally, he was easy to work with and got his lines in on time. Also I realized late (weeks after he submitted his last lines) that I messed up a line and I needed it re-recorded. He did so quickly and without any error. Thanks for your work Trent.