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About Jack Simon

Hello! And welcome to my profile!

Call me"Jack Simon" and I am a 25 y/o Voice Actor from the Philippines. 

I have a medium-low voice. a North American accent, and capable of voicing teens, young men, and middle-age men. I always try to be punctual with my work ethic, ready-to-learn from who I collaborate with, and open to network with anyone!

Timezone: GMT+8

I've always wanted to be a voice actor for many years but was too afraid. But one day I decided to just go "Oh why not!" and joined CastingCallClub.

The road to being a voice actor is not an easy one, it's very arduous, very time-consuming, and it might not go the way I want it to, but it's one I see that I'll love every step of the way!

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Demos & Samples

2021 Character Demo Reel

  • @lizzyrenee

    Jack Simon has so much passion for voice acting, and it shows. He was enthusiastic and willing to work with the team from the start, and eagerly saw the entire project through to completion. He takes great pride in his work and is happy to both receive and apply feedback. Whatever role he is given, I can say with certainty that he will bring his best.

  • @captaincat017_

    Jack Simon is an amazing voice talent with a high standard of work, I would love to work with him again on another project, it’s been a true pleasure!