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  • @deleted6059

    Enthusiastic, quick, quality, perfect for the part. There's nothing I would change, he was easy to work with, had fun with the part, and was the perfect voice for it!

  • @star-wars-audio-comics

    CWGVO was cast for three different roles in our projects, and he was very easy to work with. He's a great actor with quality audio, and he submitted all of his lines well in advance of the deadlines. All in all, it was a pleasure to work with him, and I'd love to do so again in the future. I would highly recommend him for your project!

  • @gendoukeshi

    CWGVO provided excellent work more than promptly - well before the work was due. He was very responsive and has shown himself to be a good member of the community as well. I look forward to see his future work and hope to cast him in future roles as well!

  • @faily

    When it comes to voice acting, CWGVO is the best that I can recommend! His skills for voice acting are indeed his masterpiece. Hope to be working with him again on my future projects! Great job CWGVO!

  • @beyondthedark

    CWGVO was an absolute pleasure to work with, providing quick turnaround and high quality audio for my project. I can definitely see him becoming a regular on my podcast!

  • @selectivedissonance

    CW was a pleasure to work with and was great at working with our director to submit the perfect takes for our Premiere Episode. Would love to work with them again.

  • @nobbuva

    He is a great voice actor who is very easy to work with and is always on time.

  • @captaincat017_

    CWGVO was an excellent voice actor to work with and I hope to work with them again in future. They are an amazing talent and have a very promising range of emotion and voice abilities. I was impressed with their performance and would highly recommend working with them if you want an eager, talented voice actor.
    CWGVO played the Confident Haxor Player in episode 2 of the Haxor Webtoon Dub.