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Student at AKV St. Joost, Dutch art academy. 
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Writer, Director, and Producer
Name: Miles
Age: 21Pronouns:He/Him
Illustration/Animation student at AKV St.JoostOne of the founders of Project C.A.M.M.I.Creator of Mirror Blues
Open for Voiceacting and Illustrating Thank you for taking interest in my work
Contact me on discord: Milesinck
Skills and Interests: music composition voice acting
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Hello, I am Grimebot: an aspiring voice actor in the making. I presume you are looking at my profile to see if I am eligible for casting into a role or not!
~~About Me~~
Preferred Ages: 14 and olderPreferred Vocal Range: Tenor (however I can go to certain Countertenor ranges)Preferred Accents: North AmericanPreferred Age Ranges: Child to Young Adult
What got you into voice acting?I got into voice acting because I wanted to become an actor. Every actor needs to have a good voice, so I decided to pursue voice acting and get my voice into shape, as well as gather experience and make connections.
What experience do you have in Voice Acting?- I have taken university classes for training my voice- I have made comic dubs and have narrated scripts
What are the ways I could contact you?I have many social media platforms but some of them are inactive. The best way ...
Accents: north american
Skills and Interests: singing vocals voice acting
I will become the KING of VOICE ACTING!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hey there! My name is SquireForHire and thanks for taking the time to check out my profile!
For business inquiries, please email me at squireforhireva (<-- minus the space :)))For anything else, Discord me at: squireforhire
Please note: I am NOT accepting roles for Minecraft, Roblox, Gacha, FNAF, or Machinima productions at this time. Fan projects (comic-dubs, fan-dubs, etc.) are on a case-by-case basis, so please contact me so we can discuss them!
Also, if you're into comic dubs and want to support the scene as a whole, please check out Raynestorm Productions!I'm one of their VAs and we're cookin' up some AWESOME stuff in the near future!
Speaks: english
Accents: american texan
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
My name is Jera and I've been doing voices since I was a young girl. Legos provided ample variety for characters, and since then I've been DMing for tabletop adventures where this has come in handy. Now I hope to voice act for various mediums.
I enjoy LGBT+ work and use she/they pronouns. My voice can change quite a bit to suit the role I am given, all I need is direction.
Speaks: english
21. Black. Androgynous. Lesbian. (She/Her/Hers) Voice actor.
I am a Voice Actor
What up? Name’s Julien and I’m a 21 year old black, queer, VA!I make NSFW/SFW work over on Reddit to an audience of over 1600 followers, but I am trying to branch out a little more into other projects. I consider myself to have a more husky, warm, comforting (more realistically seductive) voice, mid to low range; and I’m very interesting in voicing other black, POC, and other queer characters. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay here, and give me a follow on some of my socials listed below!YouTube: JulienBadlandsAudioReddit: _BadlandsAudio_Twitter: @JulienBadlandsDiscord: julienbadlands
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audacity
Michael Angelo Rodriguez
Living Off the Wall!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
I love acting, creating, music, and living. I'm very open minded.
Speaks: english
Freelance Voice Actor from Canada! What I lack in circular education I make up for in passion!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
Hi there! My name is Hudson Harris, I'm 25 years old and I hail from the rural country of Ontario, Canada! I'm currently an up-and-coming voice actor just trying to get my enthusiastic career off the ground! If you need me for a project, feel free to contact my email or reach out to me on Discord: hudsonharrisva
Speaks: english
I have a melodious voice, a wide variety of voices that I can do, I am a great singer.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Music Composer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
I have been told I have a naturally deep , soothing and melodious voice. I am able to voice a wide range and variety of voices. I have also been told thatIam a great singer from a amazing singer and from a tough critic as well.
Speaks: english
Accents: american
Sir Noobalot of Noobishland - Just some basic dude.
I am a Voice Actor
Part-time busser, part-time stock investor, any-time front-end web developer, hobbyist card collector, sketch artist, a on-and-off writer, and... now a wannabe voice actor for a hobby. In short, just in it for the fun of it like an normal hobby.

Graduated from community college with a two-year degree and three certificates, multimedia web design for the two-year degree, two certificates in visual design, and one certificate in web design. I am a jack-of-all trades and kind of a master of none type of guy, but I know my way around some Adobe products.
Voice Description: Monologue narration weird
British bloke based in London who likes to stick his face into a mic and speak/sing. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for spondulicks. Geek. Tinkerer. Neurospicy.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Audio Engineer
I'm a part-time voice-actor / narrator with past experience of backstage theatre and audio engineering. I'm also an experienced singer (both rock and choral) and drummer (rock, not choral).
I only audition for roles that I know I can do well; I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I like to really get behind the character / message - I don't see any point in submitting something that I don't believe will be at least close to exactly what you're looking for - that'd be a waste of time for both of us!  I actively encourage being directed - remotely or live; if what you hear isn't quite what you want, let me know! Past experience so far is that I'll nail it on the 2nd take.What have I done so far?After starting out recording chapters of audiobooks for Librivox, I have become a regular voice at Strange New Worlds, Guild of Snails and Raving Lunatic Media, and have recently joined the very talen...
Speaks: english
My passions for voice acting and bringing characters to life, spawned from years of TTRPG playing and ADHD is guaranteed to bring unique and vibrant voices to any project!
I am a Voice Actor
You may have read that previous headline and thought, "Well, anyone can say that something is guaranteed, but can you actually deliver?" and you have every right to believe this, as guarantee is a buzzword that many people try to sell themselves with. But to this statement, I have a few simple questions; 
One: Have you ever met anyone who gets so hyperfixated on a voice they did one time, and noticed that they sometimes build a whole persona around this voice and its related material and sometimes become the voice they're doing?
And two: Has anyone you've ever worked with been able to get an idea for a character that you present to them so quickly, that it makes you feel like you created that character with that voice actor?
These two questions make up my entire acting strategy for voice acting, and generally who I am as a person. Hi! Im Sebastian, and as I stated in my headl...
Non-binary actor and singer. She/they.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hello there! Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm Steff and I'm interested in video games, podcasts, audio dramas, role playing games and all things nerdy. Singing and acting are my passions and I am continuously learning and improving. I have been training as a singer for the past 4 years and am currently developing my skills as an actor. I love trying things out, receiving feedback and working collaboratively with people to achieve the best possible performance. Do message me if you have any questions at all :)
Recent rolesThe Interrogator in 253 Mathilde episode 25, Productions (audio drama, paid)Mrs Hurst in Pride and Prejudice, Classics Media (audio drama, volunteer)Olga in Flight of the Madrigal, Doctor Who Audio Dramas (audio drama, paid)
i hate when ppl say i have a smart mouth cuz why would i have a dumb one? ;)
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Hi there! I'm Sylvia Flora, and I'm kind of a Jill of All Trades because I am:a social worker/therapistall-around weeb (mainly prefer slice of life, yuri, idols, and all things NieR)cosplayercreative writer/confessional poet (very much like that other Sylvia you might be familiar with...)tabletop RP/video gamer (GURPS&BESM, various MMOs/mobile games)aspiring VAThough I'm rather new to the world of VA, I would love to find and contribute to projects with characters I could challenge and pour myself into!
My reading of Baudelaire's prose poem "Be Drunk":
Feel free to PM me on Discord if you wanna chat/geek out: sylviaflora
Speaks: english
Accents: californian
Skills and Interests: audacity (noise reduction)
Hello ^^
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Hello, I'm a beginner in voice acting. I'm currently taking voice acting and acting classes.
Speaks: english
Accents: american
She/her // Teenager
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Writer
Hello there! You can call me Box. I am an aspiring voice actor (currently still an amateur), as well as a hobbyist artist and writer (poems, scripts, stories, the whole shebang). I love both fan creations and original work, so please contact me if you need help with anything!
Bold = PreferredContact: Discord (boxed_dreams), Instagram (boxeddaydreams)If all else fails, I am always available through CCC or my email,
Thank you <3
A seventeen-year-old disembodied voice—er, voice actor.
I am a Voice Actor
Howdy! :3My pseudonym here is AtlasWolf, but y'all can call me Atlas!I'm an aspiring VA, comedian, author, and possible court jester.I can voice a variety of characters, but my speciality is baritone/bass vocals (male or androgynous), aged 13 and up. Villains, monster, and 'edgy antiheroes' are all perfect roles for me!My native accent is General American English, but I can do plenty of others - RP, Scottish, Afrikaans, NYC, Irish, Welsh, Cockney, and so on.I have FAR too much fun with voice acting, so I'm always happy for a job! However, I will not take NSFW requests as I am a minor.
Speaks: english
Hoping to do voice acting as a career, or at least a hobby
I am a Voice Actor
I'm 19, and I’ve been into voice acting for a while. People around me always said I was good at it, so I started practicing at home and took a few acting classes in high school, and my best friend finally convinced me to start actually pursuing it. So, that's why I'm here.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen
Skills and Interests: alien growling
Im a pawn shop of voices and love to add more to my collection of oddities! This is a passion hobby of mine that I want to see improve however far or little by little every day. I won’t know just how good I can be unless I try, and I can’t be afraid to fail. This is the dream!
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
I draw my own web comic series (Unfortunate 1’s) and pass the time by doing character voices by myself or with my D&D group. I do this all for fun, BUT the big dream is to one day make it a career!
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: 2d art comedy improv