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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Welcome to my profile. I am "Soulbladerz"~!I am a 24 year old female college student who decided to voice act and sing for fun.I'm fine with any sorts of projects, but I do have a particular interest in anime, video games, and roleplays.I write and draw occasionally as a hobby. I am also a musician who plays the clarinet and dabbles with the piano/keyboard.
Feel free to contact me through PM (private message) if you ever want to chat~!
By the way, I also have a youtube account that I hope to use someday. To do what? I'm not even sure yet... ^^"
Accents: american
"Once a brony, always a brony."
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
⫷About Me⫸

Hello, there! My name is Dylan Villasenor-Doan, but I use Dill Senor as my stage name. I was born on September 6th, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I was raised and currently reside. I am of Eastern Canadian, Mexican, and Vietnamese descent. As a kid, I’ve always had a passion for acting. I would always mimic the characters that I watched and would perform in front of my family and friends. Although I suffered from stage fright, I've learned to overcome the fear as I got older. I'm also attending an acting course in college to learn more tips and tricks to becoming a full-time actor.

I'm not just a voice actor, but I'm also a director and a writer. I do mostly audio dramas on my YouTube channel for my audience to see and enjoy. I used to do animation videos a while back before retiring from them due to falling out of the passion to do so. I would do or...
Skills and Interests: audio editing (audacity)
Beginner VOA looking to gain opportunities to learn and expand my repertoire
I am a Voice Actor
Hello Everyone!  My name is Steve and I'm just starting off on this journey of VO.  I've been narrating childrens books on Reddit and would like to get into the Voice Acting space.
Speaks: vietnamese
Accents: north american
Voice Description: male adult male senior
VA and Upcoming Content Creator
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Director
ABOUT────────── : · . ✧ MY INTRO ✧. · : ───────────Name: Mitsuki RoseGender: FemalePronouns: She/HerTimezone: GMT-6Voice Range: Medium to LowLanguage: English and Vietnamese────────── B I O ───────────Hey there, my name is Mitsuki Rose, but you can call me Mitsuki or Rose. I'm a Voice Actor, Gachatuber, and Gamer here. There is nothing much but just introduction, but I want to say that if you guys have any projects that interested me or original here then just come and contact me here. And also, I will NOT be auditioning anything that is 18+ or NSFW here. I will also not be accepting any payment here due to my age, but if you do wish to do so then please don't because I don't want you guys to waste your money.
PFP by _himitsuki_
Voice Description: female teen
Skills and Interests: singing voice acting
Time for Pie!
I am a Voice Actor
Ahoy! Tis is I, Frae! I am a person! Have you stumbled across my profile so soon? Well I guess I can introduce myself. I am someone who enjoys doing voice overs! I can do voices from medium to sort of high, so feel free to ask me if there is a particular voice that you want and I will try my best to do it. If not, then may you be successful on your journey for the right voice! 
Youtube: FlyBerry#5715Twitter: @seriousfrae 
you see me ... and now you don't... 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Artist
゚*☆*゚Hey there! *☆*゚
I'm Quintessence, but you can just call me Quinn. I am a Vietnamese-American amateur voice actress from the West Coast, and I'm excited to get back into the realm of casting Call Club!! 
Here's some important information you might want to know about me!Name: Quinn (I've also been called Lilums & Peach!)Age: 15+ years old (minor alert)Timezone: PSTPronouns: Any/All______________
Experience:I've been voice acting for nearly three years. My voice range is medium-low to high! I can also sing alto to soprano notes. I've been doing theatre for over a year. I am in my school's advanced women's choir.I have drawn my entire life and have done commissioned work.______________
Feel free to contact me via my...Discord: @peachyquinn Instagram: @imjustlilumsCCC: You're already here!
゚*☆*゚Sending love your way! *☆*゚
NYC based Professional Stage, Film, and Voiceover Actress with a Private Home Booth Setup
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my profile page! I've been acting professional on stage for many years. Most recently, I've been focusing more on establishing a voiceover career. I've always loved video games and animation and my ultimate goal would be to do voiceover work for video games.
Skills and Interests: audacity
Hey there! its Jazzo!! :D Just a girl who dreams ALOT!!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Writer, and Director
MisoJazzo introduction!!^^  :D✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ Hey you may know me as Miso or Jazzo! Or both! But for my lil introduction my name is Jazzo!! It's been quite a while since I finally had the courage to start my own voice acted series for a journey of my life to start and ever since like the beginning of 2020 i wanted to start writing books or even make my own show, but that time i didn't have the courage too D: but now that i have improved on plot twists and plotting i finally did have the courage to start my own series and oh boy.. It's hard but I still keep my hopes up haha! But what i mostly do is trying to create my series, not much art or voice acting -^- ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ to get started about what I really love:{|Swimming || Boa...
Hey, I’m a Voice Actor, and Singer. (I’m an Alto, do medium, medium-high, and high) I also have TikTok too. It called @marblecavenier5
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
Skills and Interests: audio editing reaper
2D Digital Artist moonlighting as an aspiring Voice Actor.
I am a Voice Actor and Artist