Non-binary actor and singer. She/they.

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About SteffK

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm Steff and I'm interested in video games, podcasts, audio dramas, role playing games and all things nerdy. Singing and acting are my passions and I am continuously learning and improving. I have been training as a singer for the past 4 years and am currently developing my skills as an actor. I love trying things out, receiving feedback and working collaboratively with people to achieve the best possible performance. Do message me if you have any questions at all :)

Recent roles

  • The Interrogator in 253 Mathilde episode 25, Productions (audio drama, paid)

  • Mrs Hurst in Pride and Prejudice, Classics Media (audio drama, volunteer)

  • Olga in Flight of the Madrigal, Doctor Who Audio Dramas (audio drama, paid)

What SteffK is looking for

I'd love to work on some video game and audio drama projects. I can't wait to bring your characters to life! My aptitude is for the creepy, menacing and wacky. I'm looking to work with collaborative, passionate and communicative teams to create something special.