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About Grimebot


Hello, I am Grimebot: an aspiring voice actor in the making. I presume you are looking at my profile to see if I am eligible for casting into a role or not!

~~About Me~~

Preferred Ages: 14 and older

Preferred Vocal Range: Tenor (however I can go to certain Countertenor ranges)

Preferred Accents: North American

Preferred Age Ranges: Child to Young Adult

What got you into voice acting?
I got into voice acting because I wanted to become an actor. Every actor needs to have a good voice, so I decided to pursue voice acting and get my voice into shape, as well as gather experience and make connections.

What experience do you have in Voice Acting?
- I have taken university classes for training my voice

- I have made comic dubs and have narrated scripts

What are the ways I could contact you?
I have many social media platforms but some of them are inactive. The best way to contact me is through:
- Discord (most preferred and most active)

  • - Username is iamfinale

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**NOTE: I am only accepting SERIOUS requests, zero budget or paid**

<Thank you for taking a look at my profile. Hopefully I can be cast as one of your actors!>

Simon Fraser University - 2022

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Instructed by

Still in progress to get a bachelor's