Im a pawn shop of voices and love to add more to my collection of oddities! This is a passion hobby of mine that I want to see improve however far or little by little every day. I won’t know just how good I can be unless I try, and I can’t be afraid to fail. This is the dream!

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About JoRhodez

I draw my own web comic series (Unfortunate 1’s) and pass the time by doing character voices by myself or with my D&D group. I do this all for fun, BUT the big dream is to one day make it a career!

The Voice Actor Studio - 2024

General/special classes and character work

Instructed by Melissa Moats

It was a very versatile studio and you could pay for any single class session you wanted. Groups, private, or speciality classes. Super friendly instructors and very professional with teaching how the business works!  


I am open to negotiations!

What JoRhodez is looking for

I mostly do character work and even some monster or creature voices. Also movie trailers, audio dramas, video games, promo ads, or even simple college projects.