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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello. My name is Damien Tran but you can call me Damienangrybirds. As you see in my username, I'm a fan of the Angry Birds video games. I'm also a fan of other franchises of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc.
Accents: american
Setup: audacity
I am a TV bunny.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Director
⫹ Hello! ⫺
Hello there, a dear viewer of my profile! I am TheTVBunny, a sixteen-year-old (turning seventeen) voice actress who has been doing voice acting for almost six years. I am also a professional audio engineer and amateur creative/voice director.
⫹ Things I Will Not Go For ⫺Explicit or outright sexual projects are not in my interest. This is due to the fact that I could get the director arrested if I took part in these things, and I am personally not comfortable doing these types of projects at my age.If I can tell you are not a good human being, I will not go for your project. This usually isn't the case, but I am still going to state this.Low-quality projects are always a given for me. This is because, most of the time, if a project is low quality, it means there is no way it will come out.I take my passion seriously as a voice actress and sound artist seriously, and wi...
Speaks: english
Creating, Voicing, and Editing things!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello, my name is Crafty Rat, I am a voice actor, director, and video editor. I have around 8 years of musical theater experience and took acting classes late 2019. I've always been interested in creating and voicing in projects, and Casting Call Club has given me the perfect opportunity to do that!
Currently working on directing three projects: Grave Mistakes, VoidVille, and The Elseworth Examination!
Speaks: english
Singer, Actor, Voice Actor. These were the talents chosen to create the perfect entertainer.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hello, My name is Jalen M. Reed. I am 30-years-old from Pittsburgh, PA. I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome when I was 6, but that has never stopped me from accomplishing my goals. I want to do voice acting, and ,and/or music as a career, hence which is why I'm here. 
Setup: blue yeti
Mostly a VA. Occasional visual artist.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Anti-AI. Vietnamese-American. EST. Avatar made by me.Instagram: collection.of.ace
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Budding voice actor hoping to gain experience in the industry!
I am a Voice Actor
Hi! I'm Kelsey! For awhile now voice acting has been my passion and now I'm trying to turn it into a career. I'm hoping to use ccc to get a bunch of roles and get experience in the industry outside of messing around
Speaks: english
I make stuff sometimes
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hey! I'm Hex and I'm a teen writer, animator, director and voice actor! ;D As of right now I'm too lazy to put together a clip of my voice acting or a portfolio but shhh I'm working on it!
Always looking to build up experience, so if you think my voice fits a character or I could maybe draw a few cool sketches of some characters feel free to send me a DM! <3 I do still have school so I can't fully dedicate my time to your project because school is also important but I'll get things done by their respective deadlines and I won't die on ya! 
Oh! I'm also working on my own little dumb cartoon so check that out! 
Speaks: english
Voice actor. Full-time 24/7 goober. I work hard and have a veracious appetite for bringing all your wacky characters to life and will put my heart and soul into every role I play.
I am a Voice Actor
I'm a voice actor based in New York City. I have a professional XLR mic setup and a well produced demo reel.Sorry for the lack of credits.Discord is GrabTheMikeVA
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen
Skills and Interests: amateur voice acting
Amateur VA, sometimes audio editing, I like reading things dramatically, a bit of writing too. And I'd just like to help with your projects however I can. Otherwise, just some guy.
I am a Voice Actor and Audio Engineer
Hello there, I'm just testing the waters here. I do some voice and audio work for personal projects which I post on Youtube. Primarily audio drama adjacent stuff. I like to read and I try to deliver the text as appropriately as I can based on my feelings, if I have no external guidance.Male, he/him, 29yoGMT+3, full time employed Mon-Fri
Carrie Drovdlic
Experienced voice actor 🎙 | Lover of cookies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer 🧛🏻‍♀️ | SourceConnect-certified home studio | 💿
I am a Voice Actor
Here's what you should know about me: I have loved every minute of being a professional voice actor for the last seven years. My favorite thing to do is sit down behind the mic with a new script in my hands. And when I do sit down with that new script (maybe yours?), I’m ready.
I’ve invested in my recording studio, my equipment, and my training to deliver a high-quality product. The read will be right for the audience, with all the appropriate emotional beats; the audio will sound great – crystal-clear with broadcast-quality, and will be delivered the way you need it – directed session with a raw file, ‘cleaned up’ with light editing, or fully broadcast-ready mastered audio. If you need music and sound effects added, I can do that, too!Before voice acting I was a freelance writer, and in over a decade of freelancing I've never missed a deadline. I consider my clients to be collabor...
My name is GO GO Ninja VA.
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
I'm doing a voice of cartoons.
Very new to all of this.  But hope that I can bring the Skill I do have and bring someone’s work to life. I put my all into not just the craft but to improving myself so I can offer more to the people I work with. Thank you for any opportunities and I hope for the chance to meet and work many of you
I am a Voice Actor
 I have a naturally deep voice.  great for father figures, older Males.  I would love to do villains, Monsters, Orcs are my bros and deities I feel I'd fit.  I love the Chaos God Sett and putting in some time currently to overflow with confidence and bring attention with a commanding voice.  Next I like Foghorn Leghorn so will experiment bringing him to life.  I am confident I would be perfect for narrations as well.   Still experimenting with my voice and learning.  But as I said I hope with my current ability I can bring someone’s work to life.  I hope within the next week with the fun Auditions I have been doing here to put together a demo for you all to see my ranges.  I would love feedback, especially any constructive criticism so I can improve.  Thank you.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: amateur voice acting
Voice actor with a general American/ New England accent
I am a Voice Actor
Hi I'm Adam. I'm a voice actor looking to do anything from audiobooks to TV/Radio commercials. I'm willing to give anything a try!
Speaks: english
Hi! You can call me Kemba. I'm really on here just looking for a fun way to interact with other people and creators. I've always enjoyed voice acting, and coming together as a community with people with similar interests seems really cool. 
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Back in 2020 I got super into voice acting. I loved doing voice impression and giving life to different characters- I still do. I used to go by the name Kemba_Waffle, but I took a break due to health complications. Now, I'm back and ready to work! I've had the privilege of working with multiple content creators to create projects, and I'm excited for what's next in my VA journey.My Previous Roles :But I Can't Love My Hater (Coco Nomoney) by Seym_DNAWe're the Rebellion! The Runaways (Emerson) by Miss SugarcubeWe're the Rebellion! Freedom (Emerson) by Miss SugarcubeWe're the Rebellion! Beyond the Border (Emerson) by Miss SugarcubeHer | Body Positivity Awareness (Andrea) by JazaxieeCharlie's Audition || Camp Creek S1 (Charlie) by nate !Camp Creek (Charlie) by nate !The Wifi Meme (Alice) by Teddy ArtzWelcome to Camp || Murdered Camp (Lia) by XxSunlight ShinesXxThe Matchmaker - Eps 1 &...
Speaks: english