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About Shade

Sup! I go by Shade and I am a Male amateur voice actor trying to take it a little more seriously. I can do many different kinds of voices as my practiced ranges is vast. I am also a writer, and voices are not the only thing I can do!

Voice acting has been an interest of mine since I was in Highschool, and aside from voicing a few things in some projects, I have not taken it seriously until now. I take inspirations from Liam O'Brian, Travis Willingham and Taliesin Jaffe (indeed i do watch Critical Role). I may have gotten a later start in the game, so to speak, but my interest in VA work stems from Vocal Roleplay in DND, both as a player and a DM, and by seeing amazing dubs in anime, video games and even podcasts. That, and it's just plain cool!

A main goal of mine would be to do some work in a Video Game or an Animated/Anime Series, possibly something involving fantasy. A big inspiration for both my writing and VA work would have to be the Soulsborne Series made by FromSoftware.

Backstage: Shade - Professional Profile, Photos on Backstage - Voice Actor
Twitch: PlagueDoctorShade - Twitch
TikTok: Shade (@plaguedoctorshade) | TikTok

What Shade is looking for

Anything and everything needed for a Male voice role

Dream Jobs:
- Dubbing over Anime
- Fantasy anything

- Video GamesĀ