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The Beehive's Previously Completed Works

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    About What If Italy Was A Pokemon Region? - (Youtube Video)

    (Go to 49:33 in the explainer video to get a better idea of what this project is like)

    ~Project Details~

    In my "What If ____ Was A Pokemon Region?" videos I take a look at certain countries around the world and talk about what they could be like as Pokemon Region. I go over what Towns could be translated from real life places and turned into Pokemon Towns, what real life animals and legends could be turned into Pokemon, and I even create my own stories that play out within these hypothetical regions.

    I'm currently working on my next "Regional Video", which is about Italy, and I wanted to up the production values on my video even more by including actual voiced characters in the "story section". The actual structure of the video will revolve very heavily around me narrating and guiding the story (The explainer video shows this off pretty well), but at certain moments I want to have uniquely voiced dialogue come from specific characters that are on screen. In many ways the format is almost reminiscent of a "Visual Novel" cutscene, but mixed in with my own narration to move the story forward.

    ~General Story Overview~

    (I'll detail more specifics in the character audition section)

    The Player character has arrived at the Italian Region for the Summer and has decided that they're going to try and challenge the Pokemon League! On their journey they meet a variety of different people including the "Evil Team" of the Region called Team Esteta, who have a very heavy renaissance-aesthetic to them and believe the region has forgotten its traditions, a group of people called "Team Imperium" who don an Ancient Roman style and are friendly side characters that assist the player on their journey, and of course a rival! (And a total jerk one at that!) All throughout the story these various characters are interacting and causing many different effects on the Italy Region.


    -If you are auditioning for a character please have good microphone quality. Minimal to no background noise, no pops, no whistles, no puffs. Noise removal is alright, but just make sure its not overproduced because i want to hear your pure, unfiltered voice!

    -Auditions will be evaluated and judged between myself and a small panel of people who are working on the animatic. Unfortunately, because of time, I won't be able to offer much critique on many of the auditions. (I'll try to when I can though!)

    -You can audition for more than one role, but please don't submit multiple auditions for the same role.

    -You don't have to be a huge Pokemon fan for this project, but if you are (or at least kind of know what it is) then that will definitely help.

    -Try to really get into your character and emote/express as best as you can! This series will be going to some crazy places and the voices are what will be selling people on it the most!

    -Have fun and don't stress too much! I know I'm making this seem really serious, but this is a fan animatic for fun, so please don't get nervous and audition as best as you can!

    About the Creator: The Beehive

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold