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About BelRus

Digital and Traditional Artist, Experienced Voice Actor, Writer, Marketer, Audio Mixer, and all around enthusiastic person who would love to help people bring their fiction to life. 

Demos & Samples

Bel Rusape Commercial Demo Reel

Here is my 2018 Commercial demo produced by MileStrikeMedia

Bel Rusape Video Game Demo Reel

Here is my video game voice demo! Produced by Tony Wijs!

Bel Rusape Animation Demo Reel

Here is my animation voice demo! Directed by Amanda Hufford, Written by Tom Schalk, and Mixed by Arthur T. Audio

Bel Rusape Commercial Demo

Directed by Kelly McGee, Written and Mixed by Essieo.

  • @kiles-the-geek

    Very professional and helpful! He's always trying to help both his clients and fellow voice actors to make things better. Oh, and his voice is very smooth. I highly recommend him to anyone!

  • @rikakatsu

    I work with this man and have seen his work on this as well as other websites. He is always working really hard on his range, and quality, and always striving to do his best! He is always trying his best to help everyone he can and get his work turned in on time. A pleasure to work with.

  • @allen-the-ultimate-gamer

    Myriad, Myriad, this man is one of the most positive individuals I've ever met, he's always seeing the best in everyone is always there to tell about the latest casting call or other voice over projects and even PM you about a role you'd fit in a project, while I'm not too familiar with his voice work, from what I've heard he's pretty great and I'm glad he's getting far in his voice over career, voicing in a good amount of original projects. He's also a pretty great sound mixer too and I'm glad he's always willing to improve. Never change Myriad we love you just the way you are :)

  • @sirsmiley

    I've worked with him on multiple projects, and I can say without hesitation, he is one of the most professional voice actors I've ever had the pleasure to work alongside! He's not only talented, but also insanely kindhearted; he's always willing to lend a helping hand and see that everyone does well in their own endeavors. With a smooth and ranged voice, and a personality like no other, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

  • @cesteel

    I am so excited for the character demo that he made for me! He is such a professional, has an exceedingly fast turn around, and in the end delivers excellent work! The script he wrote for my demo was specifically tailored for me, and he was extremely patient with me as I asked for edit after edit.... because I am just that picky. AND HE DELIVERED!
    You will not regret working with him. :)