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About Godknight

 *Paid work requests only.*

  • Siddhartha is a voice actor from British Columbia, Canada. He has a wide vocal range and provides passionate voice work, with the goal to truly manifest the project's vision, for a variety of entertainment mediums ranging from video games and animations to audio dramas!

Demos & Samples

Character Demo Reel

An array of some of the voices I can do for Animations, Video Games, and Audio Books.

  • @sichopsysva

    I can't emphasise how promising of a talent this man is. If you want a professional level voice talent in your community project and Godknight has made himself available, then you will not be disappointed. He delivers on punctuality, audio quality and performance EVERY time. He's an inspiration to not only myself but a huge percentage of this great community. I hope more people get the wonderful opportunity to work with him. 10/10

  • @violet-dev-team

    Godknight was a pleasure to work with and such a charismatic personality on our team. He is very dedicated to his work and talented to match! We loved how flexible he was with lines, as well as always positive and receptive to suggestions. A great actor and even greater to work with!

  • @yumeparadox

    GodKnight is a highly dedicated and passionate voice actor, placing believable emotion into his characters. His vocal range is very impressive for a variety of roles, but I agree with colleagues that he has a knack for playing more sinister, antagonist characters. GodKnight does amazingly well with live direction and will go the extra mile to make your vision come true. He is friendly, outgoing, and works well with others, easily uplifting everyone around him. 10 okay hands out of 10 here! GodKnight has a bright future ahead of him in the voice acting world. You'll be fortunate to work with him, as I am.

  • @pikacheeks

    He's a great voice actor, really talented, listens to direction, communication is plenty and has great enthusiasm! Everything I love to have from a voice actor in my projects.

    Highly recommended. He's a great guy :)

  • @the-beehive

    Godknight was one of the main components in my "What If Italy Was A Pokemon Region" video. He played a bratty Rival who also had a complicated history, and Godknight was able to capture the nuance and depth of the rival while also bringing a lot of the snobbyness of the character to life. His lines were delivered quickly and in great quality too!