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About regacman

My name is Reggie (username for most things is regacman) and I am an aspiring amateur voice actor who is interested in acting and voice-over work as a hobby. I just started at the end of December, but am really excited to try doing this.

I share a youtube channel (RegaLuna) with my partner, FlamingLuna, where we are currently hosting a project creating Fire Emblem Heroes fandubs. 

Vocal Range (Acting): Medium-High, Medium

Vocal Range (Singing): Tenor, Baritone

Contact Information
Discord: regacman#0109

  • @thal1989

    Regacman recently performed a minor character in an audiobook novelisation of Ocarina of Time. Recman delivered his lines promptly, was quick to communicate any questions and delivered a high-quality recording. I would definitely recommend Regacman in future projects.

  • @fishyfried

    Be it singing or voice over work, Reggie’s vocal chords transcend lowly human limitations and achieve a level of excellence mortals like us can’t even begin to grasp. I always find myself dazzled by his talent, work ethic and management ability. Is there anything he can’t do? How is it possible for someone to be this brilliant? These are the questions that keep me awake and pondering at night.

    As a voice actor, he delivers flawless lines and multiple takes that are best described as varying degrees of solid perfection. His acting is breathtaking, it's honestly pointless to elaborate on this - the amount of roles he’s been chosen for is a much more evident indication of his skill. You will not find an actor with more power and emotion in their performance. He’s passionate to record and it shines through with his quick turnaround time. If something isn’t 100% precisely how you envision it to be (rarely, if ever) - he’ll have them redone immediately with little to no wait time. He’s always eager to learn and will never turn down live direction. The range he’s able to provide is also beyond words. How often does one encounter such versatility in an actor? One second I’m captivated by good boy Eliwood and the next I’m being enthralled by the elegance that is Toadzura. Do I even need to write about his mesmerizing singing? The smoothness of his luxurious voice conveys feelings of being enveloped in a rich, velvet blanket on a cold winter day. Absolutely divine, like a god blessing us with his ballads. You can visibly see how glorious his vibratos are through the uniformity of the sound waves. Pardon my arrogance, but I dare say you won’t find a better male vocalist on this website. I can blatantly declare that his is the voice I hope to be graced by when I’m at my deathbed. Together with Davis, Reggie is also one of the most exceptional directors you can even hope to ask for. Nowadays, there are too many directors that don’t have a production schedule, no leadership capabilities or are too timid to direct their actors properly. This is not the case here. Personable, dedicated, and kind - Reggie takes the time to communicate with the actors in his project and enforces deadlines in a professional manner. I’ve seen him go above and beyond to ensure that every due date is labeled clearly and you need only look at the master doc to find everything your role requires. He’s friendly when answering questions and attentive when addressing possible concerns. To top that, videos are constantly being published so you can turn in lines with confidence because the time you spent recording them will never be wasted on a video that won’t be completed.

    I feel no shame in admitting Reggie will be an instantaneous cast choice in all of my future projects. I’ve not yet to meet another who can compare. He’s a joy to work with and a valuable asset to any team. I’ve nothing but utmost praise for this extraordinary man. Does CCC have a word limit for recommendations? When I think of Reggie, I could just go on gushing about him forever. He has been the best voice actor, singer and friend I can ask for. My love for him is rivaled only by my devotion to Eldigan. He alone has restored my faith in humanity and it is with great pride that I give him my full, unfiltered recommendation.

  • @deleted36747

    A very kind person with a lot of potential! Very nice singing voice. My friend @Ravens_vegeta or Matty has had a very nice time working and singing with Reggie. We both look forward to see his career moving forward

  • @alejo-patten

    Regacman, another talented friend! He’s kind, a good person to have conversations with, and all around a talented voice actor! I would love to work with him again in the future!

  • @lito290

    Regacman played the role of Minato in our Persona 3 manga dub. He was accessible when approached and returned high-quality audio in a timely manner, despite personal adversities he had faced. He was able to show a range of emotion in our project, something I appreciated for such a challenging lead role. I'm glad to be able to recommendhis voice for any VA needs you may have.