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About Mai Bear

My voice is medium-low alto, I can go high if need be. I can do a variety of accents such as Irish, British, French, and Mexican to name a few. I am a native speaker of English, I am beginner-intermediate in Irish and Intermediate in Japanese.

If you'd like my voice for a project, please send me a message.

When crediting me for projects, please credit me as "Mai Bear" or "Mai Ní Béirín" and please link back to here!

Thank you very much!


I generally charge $5 for 300 words, but I am open to being paid on a per-episode basis and am flexible enough to squeeze into your budget! 

However I am not open to signing an NDA, as I am not comfortable giving away personal legal information.

  • @xoleras

    Provides professional-quality audio and solid voice acting

  • @dazwizzle

    Mai provided an excellent recording for my current project. She was fast to record lines and easy to work with, correcting errors within a short time and returning updated recordings in a timely manner. Her recordings are clear and require little to no editing prior to use.

  • @dazwizzle

    The Elusive voice was a delight to work with. I would happily work with her again. She was quick to respond to messages and easy to work with.

  • @cmea

    Mai has a very interesting voice that packs a ton of confidence, a great range, fast line turnarounds and a fun personality! I requested some lines multiple times from her and I'll keep her in mind in the future too. She replaced the voice of Nya in my series in a pinch and immediately made the character work. If you just want sass, well... she's got it too. Her characters always felt real and multidimensional, a nice touch that really enhanced the dialogue.

  • @cgy95

    I worked with Mai Bear on my Fallout: New Vegas project: Race To The Bottom. They were super easy to work with and showed immense professionalism with how quick their responses were. I appreciated how patient they were when I offered them the role with the script still not fully complete. They were also willing to perform any retakes despite how nitpicky some of the criticisms were.

    They played the character of Ranger Wilson which required a decent amount of range where the character needed to occasionally sound angry, comedic or congratulatory depending on the dialogue options the player chooses. The performance was outstanding and brings the character to life. It would be a pleasure to work with them again and they will definitely be on my shortlist for any future projects!

  • @omegatheemperor

    I did my first casting call with Mai Bear and she did a great job voicing as Princess Zelda, she was very kind and sweet VA if are looking for an Princess Zelda then I would recommend her ^^