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About sword of swords

(VERY OUT OF DATE! Will be updated in the future)


(You can also find my recently-started YouTube channel on the sidebar. Check it out if you want to see finished videos of things I've been involved in!)

(UPDATE: I made a Twitter! Check it out in my social links!)

Hi there! I'm Sword of Swords, and I'm a voice actor based in Canada. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs and the like, so expect to see me when an original video game project pops up!

I'm also active on Behind the Voice Actors, so feel free to check my profile out there if you'd like. I'm also Sword of Swords there!

I've been an actor for much of my life, so I know the level of professionalism and dedication required in order to see a project through to the end.  If you decide to cast me, expect a fun member of the team who knows when to get serious!

As a final note, don't be afraid to message me if you are interested in having me in your project or if you have any comments or advice.  I will always respond to any messages I receive. I don't bite; promise. (Unfortunately, if it's Minecraft or something I'm automatically going to pass. Sorry, it's nothing personal!)

Demos & Samples

Professional-Style Demo Reel 2017

My first professional-style demo reel. All music is royalty-free and courtesy of bensound.com and http://dova-s.jp

  • @sichopsysva

    Swords is a brilliant talent, an easy to work with member of the community and I highly appreciated his work in Tales of Berseria Abridged. Look forward to working with him further in his bright future.
    10/10 for communication and talent.

  • @godknight

    This guy is by far the most easy going, and one of the best, VAs I've worked with. He's earnest, friendly, flexible, directable, and his communication is awesome! I can't recommend him enough!

  • @allen-the-ultimate-gamer

    Ah Daddy Swords, him and I got back to December of 2016 and he seemed like a really cool dude with a nice voice, fast forward about 2 months later and now he begins to provide voice work for me and he's a really VA, he's got a great voice that's pretty damn versatile in voicing a lot of different characters and being able to do any deep voiced character imaginable. He's also very fun to talk to and can always brighten up the day with how laid back and sarcastic he is. Daddy Swords is a strong voice actor who always gets in his lines whenever he can with great quality and effort and is there to give support whenever needed. Got high hopes for this mans future! :)

  • @deleted23557

    Hands down one of the most talented VA's on this website... Jesse is a ocean of talent, with so much potential in the VA field. I will not be surprised whatsoever if he ends up going pro. He's not just a talented VA however, he's a fantastic personality and is incredibly up-lifting to be around... and he has a great sense of humor. Overall fantastic VA and person, would totally recommend him for any project.

  • @aspiringsinger15

    Absolutely incredible to work with! First of all, the range of voices is astounding. Multiple times, I had to check my cast list because I couldn't tell who was voicing a certain character in my project! He played an overdramatic and very flamboyant character and exceeded all of expectations. Very pleased to have gotten the chance to work with him!

  • @atsuyova

    Ah Swords, one of the best upstanding talents in the voice acting community that I've ever met! He's a very charismatic and super friendly, friends alike, he's extremely talented and has a very great sense of judgment, as someone who works with him in several areas, both as his boss and him as my boss, I'm always humbled and forever honored to know him, to be friends with him and work with him! A great laugh with him wherever you go! Always rooting for him, high hopes for him for the future! <3

  • @tylerl

    Sword may be one of the best Voice Actors I know. He puts out some of the best works and has a GREAT range. Sword is a great friend and obviously knows the ins and outs of VA work. If you don't have Sword of Swords in your project, you are truly missing out.