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About Chumborino

Knock knock, it's me! The Chum Boy Genius!

I've been doing voice gigs here and there since 2014 (on BTVA & VAA). 
Dubs, Games, Animations, you name it! I'm up for just about anything!

I'm a nervous wreck irl, so I like to let my work do the talking for me!

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  • @hyannah

    Chumborino is an incredibly talented voice actor that brought his role to life by injecting a level of vigour into his lines that far exceeded my expectations. He showed a clear understanding of his script and its context, was very communicative and topped our exchange off with a speedy turn-in.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Chumborino or Mike, is an brilliant voice actor. He delivered the lines i needed very quickly and in great quality. He will make sure that the lines he sent are top notch. He also was very fun to communicate with.
    I would recommend him to everyone looking for great working enviroment and for top notch lines.

  • @vandos

    Chumborino delivered an outstanding audition and captured the character I needed exactly as was required. He too delivered his material quickly which helped in the short notice production we did.

  • @big-game-productions

    Chumborino is an amazing actor who has a wide vocal range; he managed to find totally unique voices for the three characters I cast him as. He also delivered all of his lines on time, and every take was absolutely perfect to how I envisioned them. It's been a real pleasure working with him!

  • @leth

    Are you in need of a snobby Marth voice? Or virtually any male voice?

    Look no further. Chumborino has an impressive vocal range and spot on emotional delivery. You should definitely have him on your VA radar if you haven’t already done so.

  • @bbsnypur

    Legit one of the most talented VAs I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Nailed the lines on the first recording and was quick to deliver. It'd be an honor to work with him again!

  • @deleted96130

    An absolute voice acting genius - not only does he deliver all lines with perfect quality and timing, he gets into character so perfectly that he sends his own extra lines and adds his own little edits/twists to scripts, bringing my character to life exactly how I envisioned - maybe more than that. Every line is perfect with both emotion and tone, I never have to ask for re-takes. There's been nothing he can't and isn't willing to do, and working with him is a real delight. He's completely reliable and by far one of the best voice actors I've ever come across. I'm incredibly lucky and grateful to have such a brilliant guy involved in my project.

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Chumborino voiced a character in one of my audiobooks and is currently voicing in another project I've got in the works. Fast turnaround with good audio quality. Would definitely recommend and looking forward to working with in the future.

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    Provided quality audio and performance in an admirably short time frame. I would heartily recommend his services if you get the chance to utilize them.