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About Voxridian

Voice acting Contact:

Discord @ Voxridian#4684

Hello! I'm Braeden Gilliss; cartoonist, writer, actor and aspiring internet personality. I am Voxridian on Youtube, where I am make animations and comic dubs. I've previously held a series of fan dubs of Fire Emblem Heroes and Smash Bros. comics.

I was also known as "Gills" on Colorslive.com and was somewhat recognized on Miiverse (R.I.P.) as "Gills" (Nintendrew97); making comics based on Smash Bros, Pokémon and Fire Emblem, among other things.

My best vocal ranges are from male medium-high to certain ranges of deep/low.
My best known voices include:

Kiran "The Summoner" (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Claude von Riegan (Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Pit (Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros.)

Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Doomfist (Overwatch)

Owain Dark/Odin Dark (Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates)

Announcer (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Rotom (Pokémon series)

Shulk (Xenoblade/Super Smash Bros.)

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) (Fate/Grand Order)

Merlin (Fate/Grand Order)

Vocal/Acting Inspirations:
Kaiji Tang, Joe Zieja, Matthew Mercer, David Vincent, Anthony Del Rio, Johnny Cruz, Kyle Herbert, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Monty Python, Jack Black, Tom Hiddleston.

Franchises/series I am familar with. I know a relatively good deal of the characters within, so I may be more natural with:
Fire Emblem
Nintendo (Smash, Mario, Zelda, etc.)
Star Trek and Star Wars
Marvel's Avengers
Sherlock Holmes
Fate/ Grand Order

See below for roles I have been cast for and what I am currently working on!

Brothers on the site! @Ethan Artist and @ThorGodOfRock


I provide my voice for amateur and professional productions, alike. Depending on the word count, session time and talent necessary (shouting, crying, etc.) my rates will vary. 

For amateur/fan-made productions, my rates start at $15 minimum for short sessions/scripts.

For professional work, such as indie video games, commercials/ad spots, animation, etc., I am open to consider my rates with you per project, with industry standards for freelance actors as a base of reference.

What Voxridian is looking for

Video games and animation.

For video games, any fantasy, adventure, puzzle, RPG, fighting or similar games would be right up my alley of expertise. 

In animation I do my best work in comical themes (parodies, cartoons, etc.) or in action/adventure themes with fantasy or Sci-Fi elements

  • @fishyfried

    Vox has been a wonderful director, cast mate and friend! He's very passionate about voice acting and extremely committed to his projects. Expect clear deadlines, helpful directing and endless support from this exceptional fellow! ☆

  • @joseph-frost

    When I was little pup of a voice actor Vox came to me and asked if someone sounded close to another person due to him never playing a game before. Later that same day I was cast as Xander in his comic dubs. Little to his knowledge the audition I put in was not Xanders voice however I was able to manage to get the vocal range for it through the very helpful Vox and his live coaching. He also stands by a very good vision where some directors will ask for 3-5 takes of a line Vox will ask for 20 to ensure the vision does not get clouded.

  • @mondobuttur

    Vox Vox Vox! Where do I begin?! Vox has been such an amazing director. He is always so understanding and considerate when working with deadlines. Said deadlines are always extremely clear and the directions are stated obviously. Not only is he a very professional director, but he's also extremely pleasant to work with and you can tell he's passionate about what he does! Working with him has been such a pleasure and it's been a blast watching the project's popularity grow from day one!

  • @alejo-patten

    Vox is an amazing guy, professional, and a pretty chill director. He works with actors really close to give their best and he's on top of getting a project done and makes sure it has amazing quality.

  • @76blades

    Vox is just an amazing director and voice actor, and a pretty awesome guy altogether. He's very easy to get along/work with, and he's a hands down professional. And, I'm honored to have had this guy as my first (well, technically second) director on CCC!

  • @cinn3x

    Vox has been an amazing friend ever since I've first met him- He's introduced me to many people that have shaped my confidence and built me as a person, but all of this started with him. He was the first. He is an amazing and dedicated person, whether it be a director, fellow cast mate or just a friend. I've seen his personal discord and boy- I can see I'm not the only one who feels this way! Even if a project collapses, his name certainly comes up as one of the most dedicated actors in the group. He's friendly, approachable, supportive, talented and very fun! What else can I say? I cannot express the amount of dedication and vision this man has- You'll just have to experience it for yourself.

  • @redphoenix15

    This man had helped me learn everything I need to know about Discord. Making groups, editing contents and managing everyone in them by adding roles in for each person who's apart of it. I even gave him the job of Moderator on my Fire Emblem Awakening fandub group and he did an outstanding job keeping things in order until I could do it myself.

    Vox as a voice actor, he's quite an intriguing young man. He's filled with excitement and determination. He provided many roles on my projects, whether still voicing them, or pass them on to someone else. The most well known character that I enjoy hearing him voice is Lissa's son, Owain, from "Fire Emblem Awakening". As Owain, he's full of spirit, self-confidence, and excitement.

    I'm glad to have met Braeden. Without him, I wouldn't know my way around Discord today. Thanks, man. I greatly appreciate your generosity, and I look forward to continue working with you on more Fire Emblem contents.

  • @toxicure

    Vox is very skilled in taking the reigns on his voice direction and producing exactly what you need. Point him in a direction and he goes. He's prompt and professional, but also has a fun side that's perfect for parody creators that need that perfect touch. Also kudos for taking the direction of "If finger guns was a voice" and doing exactly that.

  • @mralbein

    Vox as a friend is already a great guy, but taking into fact is directing skills is a whole other ballgame. He keeps the professional air about him but also friendly enough to let you know that he's not a stickler, and he's here to help you and your fellow actors get the job done in the best way possible. He doesn't get frustrated if you don't get something right away, but rather he offers insight and techniques on the way to get it perfectly, just like a director should.

  • @sir-samgrace

    I’ve done voice work for Voxridian many, many times in the past. But for this recommendation, I want to focus on his Dragalia x FEH project specifically, as he really outdid himself for that. Creating a casting call, assembling actors, scheduling live direction with all of them, and obtaining all of their lines in just under 2 weeks sounds like an impossible task, but Vox pulled it off. The sheer amount of dedication and passion he has is insane. During live direction, he guided me well with my large amount of lines, and did so in a timely manner. Overall, amazing management for that project, and that’s not even mentioning the other work he does.

  • @hystericalfuture

    It is without a doubt, Voxridian is a very talented Voice Actor. He is new to the production of Serendipity Studios, and with his positive mentality, he is a very caring person that without any doubt you should recommend him. He is one of the many peers that allow other members to engage in conversations and overall have fun!