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About Sonic Collective


Hi! I’m Xeiality, and over the couple of months I’ve been really involved with the Sonic VAing community, I realized, we seem to be a little decentralized. I talked to a few friends and I realized that it would be really awesome to have a central area where Sonic VAs could talk about upcoming projects of interest and get together to do stuff from time to time. It would be beneficial, just for connections, etc. Basically, I want to make the community more home-like. A big group of competitors, friends, and co-workers. That’s my goal with this project.


Essentially, the group will be centralized within a discord server. Of course, it’s likely we’ll have our main cast of actors, but there are no “back-up” actors, if that makes sense. Projects will arise created by the community, but there will also be discussion of other works on CCC, and thus, it will create a community that is more centralized. Basically, while there is a “chill” element to just hanging out and making friends with other VAs, there will also be serious and professional discussions when appropriate. Of course, within the server, you can meet and create your own mini-collective groups, and thus it will be a great place to socialize, meet actors and learn about new projects. 


Everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of VA you are, as long as you VA in the Sonic Community. For example, we will not deny you the right to join based on skill, subjectivity, tone, etc. However, there is a set amount of rules. Based on how you abide by those rules, you may be subject to being removed from the server. Upon the subject of inclusivity, the community will be all inclusive, I myself am a Bengali-American (hailing from Bangladesh), and I think it’s important in a community like this to be all inclusive. That includes members of the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, etc. 


For auditions, you may provide any take of the character you want. For example, if Sonic is listed, you can do any Sonic voice you want (e.g. Martin Burke, Jaleel White, Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith, etc.) or alternatively, you may go for a new take on the character, a popular example would be Max Mittleman, whom many fans suggest for the part of Sonic. I'd also like to add, the deadline isn't a hard deadline, and is only for looks. YOU MUST ADD YOUR DISCORD ID SO THAT YOU MAY BE MESSAGED. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND.


  1. Expect a warm, welcoming community.

  2. A community in which it grants the ability to network and meet others.

  3. A community where VAs from all walks of life are accepted.

  4. Opportunities to join new projects, groups, and circles.

  5. A firm, but caring staff team.


Q: How do I join? 

A: To join, you'll be dmed on Discord once you submit an audition. Please make sure when you list your audition to also tell me your discord tag in the description. This will contain the link to the server.

Q: Can I become staff?

A: You may apply for staff, to do so, message me personally; Discord: xei#8528

Q: Could I feature my project in your discord?

A: It’s possible, please reach out to me in the aforementioned discord profile.

Q: Is this temporary?

A: No, it’s a community where voice actors can meet, and discuss projects, network, etc. I don’t foresee it ending, unless due to some unforeseen complications.

Q: Why are there auditions up if everyone is invited?

A: To get a feel for the talent. If you’d like to join, I’d really like to get to know your voice for the character and see your range. Through auditions, we can learn more about how you sound.

Q: Are pomegranates allowed?

A: How is this a frequently asked question… what? I mean, yeah I guess. 

About the Creator: xeiality


Hey I'm Xei! (Pronounced Zee and Zee-al-ity respectively) 

I have a passion for voice acting and really enjoy doing it in my spare time. I prefer to work for free as I don't think taking money from people at my level is right. I work well in groups and respond well to criticism! I'm glad to take any voice direction I can receive!


I have experience in ADR (or dubbing colloquially), and have done multiple projects with a good amount of experience under my belt.  

I really enjoy playing Sonic the Hedgehog, specifically Ryan Drummond's interpretation of the character (most known from the Sonic Adventure series). So, if you are interested in that kind of voice I'm your guy! 

"What's so different about you anyway?"

I'm a young voice actor, but filled with passion! I love to try out inflections, and impressions. I have done voice direction before, so I receive it well. I take criticisms in strides and none of my clients have ever had an issue with me. I'm also an Asian-American, specifically a Bengali-American (from the proud nation of Bangladesh), so I have a diverse cultural knowledge and insight. I can also speak (at a basic-mid level) three other languages than English, being Japanese, Spanish, and Bengali. I have experience translating them as well, to a smaller degree.

I really appreciate you taking a look at my page!  

- Xei

Social Links

@Xeiality - Twitter

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