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>>Demo reel (StH)<<

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//About me!
Hey there! My name is Rio and I am an aspiring voice actress. I have been voice acting seriously for almost two years and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Voice acting used to just be a little hobby I had about 5 years ago but I decided to take things more seriously lately, creating my own projects and getting involved with fan made games and public projects!

//Fandoms I am/am not willing to voice in
I will voice: Sonic, Nintendo, Fire Emblem, most anime, original content, Genshin Impact, Mystic Messenger

Though I will NOT voice in:  Gacha, Roblox, MLP (maybe), or any NSFW

//What makes me different?
My voice range is wide from being able to voice young boys and girls to around teenage girls. I've had lots of experience from doing studio recordings (and operating a studio for radio purposes/ live broadcasting) to live recording sessions and workshops, comic dubs, and fan made games. I try my best to bring still images to life in audio series and comic dubs.

//Extra Info
My pronouns are She/her!!! (Because everyone thinks I'm a boy for some reason)
Time zone - GMT +0/BST (Which is GMT +1, sorry England is just weird that way.)

Discord: RioDies#7952
Twitter: RiooDies
Please message me if you would like my email.

Please DM me if you have any concerns.

SpeakEasy Voice - 2021

Instructed by Anita Gilbert

Demos & Samples

Tsundere anime girl

Well, it kinda just happened...

Sonic the hedgehog demo reel : August 2021

IN ORDER: Tails the Fox, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Whisper the Wolf, Tangle the Lemur, Charmy the Bee, Marine the Raccoon, Ray .V1 & Ray .V2, Chris Thorndyke, Maria Robotnik




I am always willing to do free work, I will audition for non-payed roles.


I will audition for set payed roles as much as I can. If you would like to personally cast me we can always discuss payment & prices in private messages (preferably Discord). I only accept Paypal.

Please DM me if you have any concerns.

What Rio Dies is looking for

Sonic the Hedgehog projects

Video game & animation/anime projects

  • @turunturu

    Excellent Tails impression!
    10/10 experience, would work with again in the future if I ever get a chance

  • @matt-clemens-va

    Rio is an excellent voice actress and a fantastic voice for Tails! She has voiced Tails in several projects I've been in, and I even directed her in a comic dub. Not only that, she does great impressions of other Sonic characters, including Amy, Cream, Charmy, and so many more! I'm definitely going to include her in future projects, and if you're looking for someone in your Sonic project, she's definitely who you're looking for!