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About Shibou


Well I'm Glad you asked.  The name's Shibou!

I'm a Video Editor, Rookie ADR Director, Artist, Aspiring Game Dev/Musician and budding Voice Actor. More recently I've decided to delve more into voice acting since I've always loved to do voice impressions, mainly of Sonic, so I decided to take that to the next level and put it to use! I can work pretty well in teams and am always open to any form of criticism! 

Currently for Voice Work, since I don't feel like I'm good enough at this exact moment I'm not comfortable with taking payment, though for things like art and editing that can be negotiated. 


At this exact moment, I don't have too many projects under my belt and too much experience and am looking for as much experience as I can get, however I feel like I can get the job done! Especially if you're looking for someone to voice a certain Blue Hedgehog in your project ;)

I'm your guy!


Project #1 - Currently I'm the Director and ADR Director of a Fan-Redub project of the Sonic X Anime which plans to recapture what made the original Japanese Broadcast so great and bring it over to english! -

Project #2 - N/A


I'm an African American Young Adult with a passion for Art, Video Games, Anime, etc etc. There's so many things I want to do in the future so I want to put my all into each and everyone, which includes voice acting! I love interacting with people and can work in teams but will not be afraid to address any problems that I see if at all necessary, if you need a voice, I'm your guy! A friend? I'm your guy! 

I hope to make new friends out of this voice acting venture and to develop and grow as a creator!

I hope you all will consider me in the future!

- Shibou

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Shibou, is very efficient and ambitious person. And backs that up with skill and direction. Easy to talk to and a joy to do work with

  • @deleted746655

    Shibou is an awesome voice actor, director, and an excellent leader! I definitely would trust him to voice any role you need, especially Sonic roles!