Since I was little, I have always been fascinated with voice acting. So, I took a chance and I have no regrets. Always feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with!

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I have a unique perspective on voice acting as I have a BS in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. This means I am well acquainted with the anatomy of the voice and ear, speech/language development, disorders, and production. I also have extensive musical training (piano) and am therefore well acquainted with performing.

Special Skills
Freelance Piano Accompanist 
Graphic Design
Basic Audio Editing/Mixing Skills
Trained in the Adobe Suite

Standard American English
British RP 
Irish (Dublin)
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/abluemoon88 

SFW only. 

If there are swear words in the script or something I am not comfortable with saying, I will ask to swap words or phrases out. If this is a concern you can always talk to me! :)

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Dialect Coach (Private Lessons)

Instructed by Sammi Grant

  • @deleted155926

    I've had Sydney do voice work for me for over 6 months now, and I can truly say it's been a joy working with her. She's bright, optimistic, softhearted, and kind. Sydney is always prompt, always gets the job done early, strives to do the best she can with what she works with, fits just about every role she's cast for, and she's so helpful! I was having trouble making a faux podcast this month gone, and she only went and offered to do all the audio editing for me! I was stoked by that, as she didn't mind the work at all, and I assume she enjoyed it too as on multiple occasions she worked on it well past midnight. As a director, out of all my voice actors, she's my favourite. As a friend, she's a great person. If you need a female voice actor or help with audio editing, look no further.

  • @daniel_n

    I have had Sydney work aside/for me in several projects. And I can tell you this much: she’s great! Sydney doesn’t fail to miss due dates and deadlines, and always gets what she needs to get done on time. Not only that, Sydney is a talented actress with much potential in the voice acting field. On the other hand, if there’s any problems, Sydney doesn’t fail to check in with others, including me, and always makes sure that she’s up-to-date with any and all information regarding future/past projects! I’m proud to call Sydney a talented, hardworking, and optimistic individual — because that’s what she is!

  • @arionmiitoons

    An INCREDIBLE soul who's boundless stride to give the best performance her cords can muster & glowing presence amongst her teammates makes this woman a MUST HAVE for any project you feel she'd fit!

    I remember it like it was yesterday ( It was actually 2 years ago, but eh, who's counting? ): I'd sent out a call to action for ANY actors willing to join me on my directorial journey to create a Sonic The Hedgehog fanfilm-- Sydney's audition tracks were some of the first to reach my earholes, & for the life of me, I could not BELIEVE the level of gorgeous professionalism she came with!! Incredibly expressive & emotional delivery topped with a modesty & sweetness that'd make candy jealous! Needless to say, I was blown away & my earholes were pleased!

    We've been friends working together ever since. By some amazing miracle, she's continued to be that same supportive & helpful spirit, always willing to lend her beautiful voice ( & her MASSIVE array of other skills from Piano, Audio Editing/ Sound Design to even Graphic Design & Illustration! ) to ANY facet of a project in need of it! When she's set on a task, she's lightning fast, but never fails to notify of any thing stands in the way. Gracious & understanding. Patient & always reassuring.

    A true team player, she'll there to cheer everyone head-on into being their best selves. Encouraging & excitable while being oh so mature & level-headed. If she had a Joy Meter at the top of her head, she'd be Maxed-out to 100% most of the time when working alongside fellow passionate creatives.

    All 'round, Sydney Paige is a wonderfully warm, down-to-earth delight of a person to work with. She's made this artist/director/voice actor & animator's job a million times easier just by being around. Could not thank her enough for everything she's done & for being such an amazing friend through all the trials & tribulations...

    So-- Hey-- Stop procrastinatin'! Bring her aboard your project! You couldn't ask for a better teammate to work with than Sydney. She eats optimism for Breakfast & spits it back out as Skill ( It sounds gross, but with her, it's cool!) With the utmost sincerity, people like her truly only come around once in a blue moon.

  • @winterglider

    Blue Moon has been more than helpful on many different projects, and without her professionalism and talent, many of those projects would have never happened. At this time she has collaborated with me in 3 separate projects, all of which she has given her all to have a great performance. I cannot recommend a voice actor more than how much I recommend Blue Moon.

  • @chaoscontrol-va

    Every once in a blue moon, you get someone as talented and as sweet as Sydney here. Or maybe that's just with me, I don't know. But still, she is such a sweet individual, and such a talented actor! She is one of the few people I met doing my Sonic Villains days that still gets along with me today! We even recently (at the time of me writing this recommendation) made a dub of the issue "Victory Garden" from the Sonic IDW comics, and she did such an amazing job as Blaze! Sure, my editing with that video might not do her justice, but trust me, okay?! All in all, if you see her in action, I hope you see what I'm talking about. She's a passionate VA, a wonderful person, and also a good friend...

  • @the-ultimate-voice-actor


    That was a happy "ah" in case any of you were wondering lol. Ok, here's the professional review:

    Sydney Paige is, by far, one of the greatest VAs I've ever had the privilege to work with! Hearing her range is a thing of beauty, and watching her perform is one of life's greatest pleasures you could ever experience. She puts her heart and soul into any project she's in, and the energy she gives off is, needless to say, contagious. Very contagious! But it's not her voice or her range that makes her a great VA. It's her sweet and bubbly personality that makes your heart melt like cheese. With a personality like that and her professionalism that makes you wonder if she's really new to this or not (I mean, I don't think she is lol), I can definitely see her going into the industry and getting into giant roles almost immediately.

    Thank you Sydney for all that you do, and I look forwards to hearing your voice again!

  • @sonicify

    She is amazing to work with, an amazing voice actress, and she's also got amazing voices. I had her play Blaze the Cat on my Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas special, and I honestly confused it with Blazes first VA Erica Schroeder. 

  • @vendettadylan_

    Since starting out on CCC, Sydney here has been the most inspiring and supportive person i have ever came across. Bright, talented and full of energy, Sydney can voice a range of different voices, whether its Miles Tails Prowler, or Ann Takamaki, Sydney will never ever let you down! 

  • @yoshitails13

    Sydney is a sweetheart and awesome! She has lovely range she does! I known her as Tails, Tangle, Ray, Bunnie, Blaze, Sonia, Young Nicole, Vanilla, to name more a few. 

    She really knows how to make everyone smile! :)