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Hi, my name is Jake. I am a 27 year-old college graduate with a voice that i want to make a career with. I try to push myself everyday to achieve my dream. I have a big mountain to climb, but I wanna reach that goal. I currently work for a radio station and have voiced for many online projects in the past. Some of the amazing clients I have worked with are posted down below. If you would like to reach out to me via email, my email is [redacted].

  • @leth

    Jake has been collaborating with my bro and I for many months now, and during that entire time he's never caused us any headache. He's always been pleasant to interact with and is one of the fastest recorders we've encountered so far. While he has a great narrator/announcer voice, he also does a solid job with a variety of other roles; linked below is an example where he voiced a mob boss, a nerdy boss, AND a pirate boss all in the same video. What else can we say? Definitely add Jake to your VA radar if you haven't done so already!

  • @gabasonian

    For GabaLeth, Jake has been a charm to work with – he continually delivers lines on time, can voice a plethora of male characters, and is generally a swell guy. Even for non-GabaLeth stuff he shines; a few of my classmates complimented on his Narrator voice in some of my academic projects. Jake lives up to his name and so he gets both Leth & I's recommendations. We hope to continue working with him in the future!

  • @sebas1497

    A hard working VA with a good voice and great inflection.

  • @thereconjacob

    Did a really good Yoda impression and delivered his lines in a very speedy fashion. 100% recommend to everyone!

  • @arete

    Jake provided the voice of a character on my project, "The Sinister Sisters" episode one. As the guy who wrote his lines, I can definitely say he brought what I was envision in my mind, into his role.

    Working with him was fine, got all the needed material promptly. No complaints, would definitely recommend him.

  • @nugra

    Jake did a great job providing lines for my character! He sent me lots of options of the same line to choose from and he did a fantastic job! He also sent me the lines really fast and I appreciate It! He really seems interested in your project and points out stuff of the script that he liked! He's a delight to work with

  • @prodbylizard

    Jake voiced a couple of small, one-line characters in 'John Cena 2', but that's not to dimish the the talent and lasting impression that said lines embodied! Couldn't think of a better voice actor to take the first line of my film! A fantasic VA that I'd be remiss not to recommend to others!

  • @cashlinsnow

    I've received several rounds of lines for different projects from Jake. All have been fantastic! Jake is a true professional. He has an excellent, approachable attitude, always provides retakes as needs, communicates well, and his audio is crisp and high-quality! He's an amazing voice actor! You absolutely want him in your project! I'm privileged to have him ongoing in a projects of mine!